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Within a couple months I'll be traveling to FL andsince my cx6300 is getting very old and digital cameras in the us are cheaper than here in Brazil,this trip will be a nice opportunity to buy a new cam. After a lot of research I've found several good options, the best ones being:

Canon A610

Fuji S5200/s5600 (they are the same aren't they?)

Olympus SP-500

Whichone(s) do you recommend the most,considering that:

- Size really doesn't matter (I mean, it would if any ofthem could fit inside my jeans pocket, but since they can't, I really don't care abouthow big they are);

- The bigger amount of manual controls (aperture, shutter speed, etc), the better;

-A bigoptical zoom ora VGA movie mode without time limitare veryniceplusses,but not real necessities;

-Since the rest of my family don't know much about photography, many picture modes would be nice.

Any other suggetions under $350 (in stores, not online) will be really welcome. Thank you.
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Fuji all the way! Yes, they are the same model. The names are just different in Europe/Australia than the USA.

It even got a decent Cnet review, which seems to be an impossibility nowdays :lol:
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Well these cameras are not all the same. What you might want to do is first limit it down between the Fuji/Olympus and the Canon. The A610 only has a 4X optical zoom, but is more compact than the others. So do you need the extra compactness of the Canon over the zoom capability, yet larger foot print? What kind of shooting do you typically do? When I went back and looked over the shots I do, I found about 30% are indoor existing light shots which the 5200/5600 excells at (for that type of camera), so that made my choice. Plus the Oly did not have a diopter adjustment on the EVF (old eyes, makes a difference to me). If you mostly do outdoor, nicely lite telephoto shots, you may want to consider something like the Panasonics FZ5/FZ20 style camera which seems to excel at that type of shooting (but my 5200 is no slooch in that respect either I must add). But like I said, rather than a bunch a reviews (which don't hurt and give you great information) anaylize the style of shooting you seem to do, and then pick a camera that excels in that style and meets any other requirements. I mean the dSLR's are the top of the stack, but an slr body and a couple lenses are quite a lot to lug around (size does matter). Any way rather than say "This is the camera for you" define the features that mean the most to you, then think about models.
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Thank youso much for the replies. Like fofa suggested,I thought about the style of shooting i usually do and realized that most of my pictures arealso indoors.And though the idea of buying a muchsmaller model (like the canon) is very temptating, I'll end up buying the fuji, wich for medefinitely isthe best option. Thanks one more time.
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