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It seems that everyone is asking with dSLR to buy. My question is that I currently have the XT and I want to go back to a point n shoot. I love my XT but most of the time i don't carry it because it is too bulky. Also, i can't justify spending more money on a lens (i currently have the kit lens). I love the speed and image quality. i know a point n shoot won't match the XT but are there any cameras which would come close to the camera. i would probably sell the canon and buy a new one form themoney so my budget is around $500. Any suggestions?

Thank you and have a good day.

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You've discovered the two major achilles heals (one for each leg)ofa DSLR:

They're bulky and thus often get left behind

Buying the camera is only the first, and really least expensive purchase - it's all the other stuff that costs so much.

The answer to your question is the same with any other 'what camera should I buy' question:

And that is, what do you shoot? Besides a smaller size, what you shoot will drive what the feature set is in a replacement camera. In addition to your shooting needs, what features about the DSLR did you find the most useful to you?
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It would help to know what features are important to you in a p&s but the Canon S3 might be a good option since you would have IS and 12x zoom although the pictures I get with my A610 area little nicer IMObut you don't have the IS and zoom with the A610 which are handy.If you're looking for compact the S3 isn't exactly compact but it'sless bulky than a dSLR.

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Even though I'm pretty skeptical of it (Lost many of the things I loved about he G-series), wait for the review of the Canon G7. Many DSLR owners carry a G series camera when they don't want to lug around the SLR and want to keep it close to the image quality of their main camera.
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You may want to consider Fujifilm F30 or the soon to be released F31fd with Face detection. Both have 3x optical zoom. The Fujifilm S6000fd is a 10x optical zoom and is already available but is not as compact.

All 3 Fujis go up to ISO 3200 although the ISO 800 is as good asthe ISO200 of other camera brands.

A comparison of photos taken using a F30 compared to a $600 Nikon D50 dSLR are posted here. While the D50 is a good SLR, the P & S F30, seems to hold its own at ISO 800.

Comparisons with other P&S units were in the pages prior to that.
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Iunderstand exactly the point you are making because I find myself in the very same situation. While I own a very nice Pentax K100D with several lenses. I find myself leaving it behind due to its bulkiness.

I did purchase a Samsung NV-7 lately and have had a lot of fun with it. It is small, convenient, and I don't feel like the 6th Army going into action. As a result, my photos are more creative and spontaneous, in short,they are more fun.

I too, will soon have to make the same decision, but I feel good about it. Here is a photo sample from the NV-7, which you will see is quite creditable.

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