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I know you guys get asked this 20 times a day but I was wondering a couple of things not in everyone else's posts.

This will be my first DSLR, coming from a Canon S2IS. What I want is a camera with as close to an all round lens that I can get (maybe a 6 to 10X zoom equivalent) that isn't huge in size. I basically am looking for a general purpose camera to bring everywhere but have the advantage of the DSLR quality over a regular camera like the S2IS.

I do alot of reading on DPreview and I like the Canon XTi and the Nikon D80. In the comparison photos, the Canon Xti looks noticably sharper/clearer than the D80 in all modes except RAW. This brings me to my next question. Do most people shoot in RAW all the time? How long does it take for the camera to write a RAW image? I think they can get to be 30 or 40 megs in size. The sharpness/clarity issue would not be a problem if I can easily shoot in RAW all day long with no delays, but it would be an issue if it is more reasonable to be shooting in JPEG all the time, as the Canon had better JPEG's. I don't know enough to take advantage of the D80's huge feature list, but DPreview seemed to think it was the better camera, even though the Canon had a higher image quality rating.

The pictures I take are closeups of flowers (for my Mom haha), boating pictures (I.e. wakeboarding, tubing, etc), and general "tourist" pictures of scenery, cars, buildings, etc. etc. I really don't take many pictures of people at all if that matters. The camera would likely be used primarily in "Auto" mode or either in apeture or shutter priority mode. I likely would not customize anything much, and if I wanted to in the future, both cameras would let me do that to the degree I would want.

In summary, I am looking for the best package of a do-everything lens and out of boxpicture quality. I do not have the money to buy an array of$400 or $500 lens' and would likely choose a kit lens, but I am not opposed to buying the body only and then a good value lens on top of that.

Also, on a side note, the Sony DSLR has image stabilaztion in camera, which would make lens' cheaper and my pictures from the boat better. I don't think that is a huge issue to me but it would be nice. I also don't know how much more money it is for an IS lens vs a NON IS lens, as I would likely need my lens to have IS.

It almost sounds as though I've talked myself out of the D80 and into the XTi but I would still greatly appreciate some insight from those who know way more than I do =).



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