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MyOnly Oct 27, 2005 6:54 AM

I've boiled it down to this list, and my question is: is the older (year old) technology in the Canon G6 and the Oly 8080 still taking better pictures than the newer Fuji 5200/9000 cameras and the Panasonic Z30? Amount of zoom is not particularly an issue for me. I'm wanting speed (low shutter lag) and picture quality. What do you think?

mtclimber Oct 27, 2005 8:34 AM

In pairing this group of cameras together, I feel that you must also take into account some basic differences. The Canon G-6 , the Oly C-8080, and Panasonic FZ-30 are all limited to a maximum ISO setting of ISO 400. On the other hand the Fuji S-5200 and the S-9000 can use ISO settings up to ISO 1600.

This group also differs widely with regard to physical size. The Canon G-6 is the smallest and the FZ-30 the largest. This group once again varies with regard to shutter release lag with theS-5200, S-9000, and the G-6 having the least shutter lag and the C-8080 and the FZ-30bringing up the rear. However, in all fairness,all of the group has very little shutter lag.

To seperate this group you have to,IMHO ,set of some priorities or factor weighting. To my mind you might give some consideration to these prioritiy factors. You will notice that to avoid any biasing of these factors, they are simply arranged in alphabetical order.

Image noise

ISO capability

Lens speed


Shutter release lag

Zoom Magnification

How you will use these cameras (shooting style)and the kind of photos that you take, or desire to take in the future will also play into your final decision. Perhaps if you were to share with us a bit more information about your shooting style and the proposed photos, we can be more definitive.

Any of these cameras will do a very good job for you. Interestingly enough, I have owned all of them, but just recently soldmy FZ-30.


MyOnly Oct 27, 2005 9:13 AM

Noise-I'm reading the DCResource reviews to get a feel for this right now. I think I'll mostly print 4X6 to scrapbook, so it should be less of an issue and not show up so badly, right?

ISO capability-We're going to the Grand Canyon, but I also take indoor shots of dd (homeschool). So doing great indoor shots is important to me. I was wowed by the flowers/vase shot on DCResource with the Fuji 9000, giving it an edge in my mind.

Lens speed-not as important to me. I don't know enough to play with it and I don't take complicated shots. In that sense, I almost think the Oly 8080 outclasses me, as it seems to have or requirea lot of tweak-ability that I can't do.

Physical size-This is the kicker. I'm going to go read more on the Panasonic FZ30, and I'd be really interested to hear why you decided to get rid of yours. If I narrow it down to the Fuji 5200 and 9000, I'm not sure which way to go. Honestly, the 5200 was EXTREMELY comfortable. It's so small and easy. I don't know if the 9000 would grow on me or become cumbersome. Remember we'll be traveling, so it needs to be practical for all-day adventures. Of course I have my mule (oops, husband!) who can carry it for me. Any thoughts on 5200 vs. 9000? I haven't yet found an actual review of the 5200.

Shutter release lag-This is huge to me. Family life is spontaneous and the camera needs to be FAST. The Fuji definitely is fast!

Zoom magnification-I honestly don't see myself using a tripod, which makes me think that the 8X on the Oly8080 would be just as practical as the Fuji with it's larger X. But as you say, on the Oly you don't have the ISO's going as high. I'm also not sure how it would compare to the Fuji on indoor shots. Quality of indoor shots are more important than magnification for me.

I'm still open to going any of those directions. Speed (low shutter lag) and quality indoor shots seem to be my two biggest needs. Bummer is, to see the Oly or Canon, I may have to drive an hour. I can get the Fujis and Pan locally.

mtclimber Oct 27, 2005 11:55 AM

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Just to keep the comparisons clear here: The Oly C-8080 is a 5X optical zoom digital camera, not 8X optical zoom.

Second issue: I got rid of the FZ-30 because it was just to darned noisy. I shoot a lot existing light and night photos and it just was not giving me quality at higher ISO speeds.

If size is an issue then take a look at the size comparison of the G-6 and the S-5200 in the attached photo. This attachment photo was taken with a Fuji F-10 atISO 800 BTW with NO FLASH. That kind of ISO capability might be very helpful in your home school situation.

ShutterLag: If the G-6 is the smallest in size, how is its shutter lag you might ask. The shutter lag is zip. Not quite as fast as the S-5200/S-9000 but negligible.

I seem to hear that you are not into many manual adjustments. To get the most out of the Oly C-8080 you should use all the controls. It is a "tweakers" camera. If I am wrong please correct me.

Quality Indoor Shots: I am confused on this requirement. Are you speaking of low light capability, of flash performance, or what??

Handling the cameras: When you are about to invest this kind of money, I don't believe that driving an hour is out of the question. You have to really handle the cameras, that can save real disappointment in the final analysis.

So for now, I am downplaying the priority of lens speed and zoom power. IMHO it sounds like either the G-6 or the S-5200 fit best so far. The S-9000 is just too big, and like the C-8080, a bit more complex that you might desire. Again, correct me if I am incorrect.

How are we doing? I think we are beginning to narrow the decision. I will check back during the day in case you want more input.


MyOnly Oct 27, 2005 1:54 PM

That was incredibly helpful! You've taken such a great load off my mind, as you've answered that other plague of 5200 vs. 9000 on the fuji! So if we're down to the Fuji S5200 and the Canon G6, I can handle this. I'm going to call around and see if any stores in town have the G6. How do is the Fuji S5200 doing for you? Someone else here mentioned "smearing" at higher ISO's.

When said I need quality indoor shots, I mean forshots in my house,room where we do our school work, etc. There is existing incandescent light, but being a basement, the lighting isn't the best.I think typically the flash would fire whereas with the Natural Light function of the fuji it's going to kick up to a higher iso and shutter speed and supress the flash.

Yes, youhave gauged correctly that I am NOT able to tweak. I might like to learn to tweak some, but I cannot provide major amounts of tweaking. I didn't realize that was necessary with the Oly 8080, so finding that out takes a load off my shoulders. :dude:

I really appreciate your help. I've spent so much time sweating about this that my child is starting to wonder if she has a mother! :sad:

Well off to call the stores about the G6. I'll report back soon!

mtclimber Oct 27, 2005 4:08 PM

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'Not to worry about the Fuji S-5200, for sure. Here is a NO FLASH sample photo taken at ISO 1600, using Auto WB,at our Doctor's office this morning. No smearing in that photo,for sure,under less than great incandescent lighting and very little noise.


toshi43 Oct 28, 2005 12:46 AM

I gotta agree with mtclimber - the S5200 is a terrific camera, andit's awhole lot cheaper than the G6, which has just been discontinued. The G6 is an excellent camera, but it has an inaccurate,squinty little optical viewfinder that becomes pretty well usless if you attach the extra-costlens adaptor, which you have to if you want touse filters, etc. If you add a wide or tele convertor - which are pricey - the lens barrelbecomes even longer than the S5200. None of that is necessary with the S5200, since it has a fixed lens barrel with a 55mm threaded front.

You can't use the flash on the G6 if you have a lens adaptor attached - the adaptor causes a shadow in the picture because the flash is mountedtoo close to the lens barrel. It's a real pain to take the adaptor off the camera to take a flash shot, then put it back on again because you need a filter for an outside shot. I know - I've done it. I suppose you could avoid this by adding an external flash, but dedicated Canon flashes are EXPENSIVE!

If weight is an issue for you, the G6 is noticeably heavier than the S5200, much more so with the attachments.

Personally, I find the S5200 to be the superior camera.

MyOnly Oct 28, 2005 7:06 AM

I really appreciate you sharing that toshi43. Thanks!

toshi43 Oct 28, 2005 10:31 PM

MyOnly - I hope I've helped you a bit in making your decision. Good luck and keep us posted!

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