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Hi am Niles

Please suggest me camera within 350$ atleast 10x optical zoom

General purpose use only.

which one of above is good?
canon s3 or s5?
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Both the S3 and S5 are excellent super-zooms. The S5 is an incremental or evolutionary update to the S3. The most notable feature added to the S5 is a hot shoe for mounting an external flash. One reviewer (DPReview) suggested that the 8MP sensor in the S5 may squeak the last bit of performance out of the lens that is used on both camera, although not necessarily without effects in other areas.

If the hot shoe isn't a factor (it would be with me) you can pay your money and take your choice.
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oops-- NILES,

I bought an an S5 in July after 18 months with the S2. Figuring that the S3 is an S2 at 6MP instead of 5MP here are what I think are key differences:

1) Hotshoe -- major upgrade beacuase the S5 with a speedlite flash (i use the 430EX $225.00 or so) hugely expands your range.

2) Face Detection - which I thought was a gimmick buut it works quite well.

3) 2.5" LCD Huge improvement in both size and definition over the S2 (1.8"). Possibly a bit less over the S3 (2.0")

4) I like the dedicated buttons for EV Comp and ISO on the S5 but it's not THAT big a deal over the S2/S3.

5) The S3 is 6MP and the S5 has 8MP and there isn't a rat's a*s worth of perceivable difference unless you're using really large prints. In fact I wish the S5 had been left at 6MP.

6) The additional ISO rating is just hype because no S series does anything worthwhile above 400 ISO.

7) If you'd like, go to my S2/S5 Comparison gallery at http://www.pbase.com/johngalt_ny/s5_s2 where you'll see side-by-side images from the two cameras. There are also a bunch of S5 test shots in the gallery above that.

Those are the main things for you to consider. If the S5 advantages aren't necessary to you and you can get $100.00 or so in savings, go S3. If you even think you might shoot indoors or do portraits, get the S5 and save up for a 430 EX.

The S series are great cameras. Enjoy yours.


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I didn't start this tread but I hope your info is useful to Niles, who basically had simply asked the question, "Are the S3 and the S5" good cameras?" and I answered yes while pointing out a couple of the features of the S5 I consider worthwhile. This was intended to be a start point for Niles' own research. I in no way intended it to be a complete listing of feature differences between the two. In any case Niles will have to judge, in his own marketplace whether the new features of the S5 are worth the price differential between the S3 and the S5. This of course assumes that he can still get an S3 in his marketplace otherwise the question is moot.

In part my comments are colored by DPReview assessment of the S5 which they opine as an modest update over the S3 while they considered S3 a major update over the S2 in terms of operational ease and user interface. I personally think Canon was smart in taking a conservative approach to updating S3 and not "screwing up" what they had gotten right with that camera.

On the subject of LCD screen I had never handled an S3 until a couple of months after I acquired my super-zoom with a 2.5" screen. My initial reaction was "What was Canon thinking?" I couldn't see that any amount of articulation made up for the size and that's considering I use the EVF for 99% of my shooting.

I could have also suggested he check the comparable Panasonics, Sonys, Kodaks, Olympuses, etc. but to what end? I know if I'd done that he'd get more replies, each touting their own favorites, but would that have contributed any clarity? Sinceapparently the S3 and the S5are available to him and his needsare general purpose would he be happier checking out a half dozen more cameras? Or did he just need to know what he was about to spend money on was worth it?
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