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They can be very hard to find in stores, but the Panasonic FX60/65 is fairly quick and has good IQ. As Sarah already noted, the IQ of the Sony WX1 is not so hot. Most unfortunate, that model was otherwise a promising design effort.

Kelly Cook
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Just to pop in with some info... Consumer Reports says that most HD cameras don't even campare to the lowest HD camcorder in video quality, this is one reason I went with the SX120 for my wife because I already have a camcorder.
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You are 100% correct. HD on a digital camera is of far less image quality than can be obtained with even the entry level camcorders. I have lots of cameras, but if I want video and grab my camcorder.

Perhaps it is the convenience factor that has created quite a stir about HD video, I am not quite sure.

Sarah Joyce
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i guess it comes down to. its better to have a mediocre HD video because you had your digicam with you vs. no video at all.
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