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I am farsighted and the diopter adjustment works just fine for taking pictures with my new Nikkon D40X however when I look at the LCD for picture review I must put on a pair of magnifying glasses to see it clearly. Is there a DSLR that will allow me to see the picture review in the viewfinder (diopter adjusted) so I don't have to view the photo on the LCD?
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All of the dSLR cameras have optical viewfinders - you are seeing through the lens. It's not like the p&s cameras which have an EVF viewfinder - essentially a tiny version of the LCD. I know what you mean about the glasses - I wear contacts andbifocals and can easily see through the viewfinder with just the contacts. I wear my reading glasses around my neck for those times when I need to see the LCD.
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Thanks, I'll have to take lots of pictures and check them later. From the test shots I have already taken I don't think a bad picture will be the camera's fault.
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For seeing the LCD screen in any lighting condition for any eyesight, you could consider something like this, which I used until I got a 'hybrid' camera with an EVF. It's the core of a toilet roll. You can cover it in gaffer tape for weather protection and squash it flat to go in your camera case, with a cheap magnifying glass that'll go in your pocket. You experiment to find your correct focal distance, and cut a slot in the cardboard to take the lens. This would mean you wouldnt't have to get your reading glasses out.

(Sorry for posting this for the umpteenth time.)
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Are you using the zoom function when in playback mode to zoom in on details you're interested in? Virtually any modern DSLR will let you zoom in on a photo.

Try that and see if it solves the issue for you. It should work the same way on your model as it does on the D40. See the notes in the review about it here:


Pressing the Zoom button enables the zoomed playback mode. The image is magnified further by continuing to press the button. You can stop at any one of the eight zoom views and scroll around to check for critical focus, color or composition by using the 4-way controller. Pressing the index button zooms out. You can also rotate the main command dial to switch between stored images at the current zoom playback position. This is great for quickly checking critical focus on a sequence of images.

I can tell you which model has the best LCD right this minute. ;-)


The A700 features a bright 3-inch LCD screen with 921,000 pixels of resolution, which is used for menu display and image review. The recording mode screens give you easy access to camera settings, and the display turns on and off automatically when you bring your eye to the eyepiece of the viewfinder. Menu navigation was a breeze, thanks to the 4-way controller. It seems LCDs get brighter with every new model, and the A700's is no exception. This is a beautiful, bright display that I found was quite usable outdoors, even in harsh sunlight. When you turn the camera to portrait orientation the display automatically switches from horizontal to vertical format.

I think the new Nikon D300 has the same type of LCD.

You may want to try something like this, too:


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