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A friend showed me his Casio EX Z750 digital camera which was very impressive. I thought I'd do a bit of research about the camera and came across a couple of issues that somewhat alarmed me.

First of all, there have been a number of reports of LCD failure shortly after purchase. Casio apparently refused to do anything about the problem unless the customer pays $275 for the repair or replacement screen!!

Secondly, there's an issue with the zoom lense mechanism. IF it extends and is restricted in it's travel path it will immediately damage the zoom mechanism and a lense error message is displayed. Casio also refuses to repair this problem as well. Claims it's a customer damage problem......

I'd really like to buy this camera, but if Casio won't honor the Warrantee I'll have to reconsider whether to purchase this camera or not. If anyone in these forums has heard similar reports I'd appreciate hearing about their experiences with Casio.

Any suggestions about the best way to get Casio to reevaluate their customer relation policies would be greatly appreciated. I like the camera, not the Casio customer treatment.
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Unless you get a camera that has been hanging around for 6 months or more you won't likely have a lens error problem. They beefed up the gearing and pretty much eliminated the problem. If you get one of the gunmetal gray Z750s you will certainly get a newer one with the beefed up gears. Canon has had a lens error problem with many of their cameras, so Casio at least addressed the problem.

Most camera companies won't stand behind their LCDs if they feel it was caused by the user with something pressing against it. Pentax wouldn't repair my S4 that something had evidently pressed against. I haven't heard of a large number of LCD problems with the Z750 though, and I peruse several large Casio boards. Some of the early models got a little LCD distortion when you retracted the lens, but they seem to have fixed that and do stand behind the problem if it develops.

I have one of the original Z750s and haven't had problems with it. But I carry it in the audio record mode so the lens won't extend by accident. I don't think that precaution is necessary with newer releases.

I called their customer service only once and was stunned when a live person answered on the second ring. I was prepared for the standard "please listen to the choices as our menu has changed" crap to keep you from pushing 1, 3, 1, 4, 7 and 0 without having to listen to the choices for each round. The lady who answered was pretty sharp and answered my questions well.

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I really appreciate your input on this matter. My friend has had a number of digital cameras and really loves the Z750. As I researched the camera, most of what I found was complimentary. I had never dealt with any Casio Camera department so your experience is very encouraging. I have a feeling that your assessment of making sure that I don't buy an "early" unit is very astute. I'll be very careful to ask about that.
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