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OK, I got my new Casio for my London trip. When I get there, I find it has a nice set of dead pixles in the pics(yes, the pics, NOT the LCD...) I think Casio wants to charge me to repare it and Newegg won't warrenty it anymore, so I'm kinda stuck...

Now then, what camera would you guys reccomend? My budget is around $300-400... I want a good all around camera. I do lots of indoor and out door shots. I'm not so much a professional, but I do wish to start doing such work later on as a 2nd job or something.

I want a rather feature rich camera with lots of manual options if possible. However, all in all, I just want a good picture. Size isn't so much a problem as long as it's good. I like manual focus as an option. I also want a good macro.

Urm...I suppose that's about it. OH, other than I wish to get it from Costco. I'm going to check to see what all they have in stock, but online, I found a Canon S2 IS that really caught my eye. Is it one I should look into?

(sorry, but I also posted this in the Cannon forums)
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