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Hello all,

I received a Casio EX-Z60 for Christmas and though it was a cool camera, upon looking at reviews I heard about the S600 which was similar but stored movies in MPEG-4 format. I've been wanting a newer digital for a long time but my main desire was a fully digital video camera, when I looked 3-5 years ago most 'digital' movie camcorders didn't store in a useful format and didn't allow transfer to a computer, so I always kind of figured I'd wait for digital cameras to catch up and offer good video with usb transfer. I'm mainly looking to share things on the web and such.

Anyway, so I found out $200 was spent on my Z60 and looking around I can find the S600 for $230 shipped but just as I'm about to buy I notice the S770. The S770 JUST came out where the S600 is over a year old, I found the S770 for $265 shipped and I have to say it seems like the newest and amazing at the price (it was $380 in Oct '06).

The S770 has a MUCH nicer LCD display, 2.8" with 230k pixels vs. 2.2" with 84k pixels but I don't care about that so much as long as they look awesome on the computer, some how though even with that it still gets better battery life, 450 stills vs. 300 stills (both numbers are pretty high) and it adds 16:9 recording option which is cool but may just go unused.

So those are the features I like but I also notice it seems to have less sensitivity, ISO 800 max vs. ISO 1600.

I was mainly hoping to get some real world reviews of pictures and quality, I've heard of MANY quality issues with various Casio Z/S line cameras and though I want something mostly point and shoot I want it to take awesome photos. I'm also curious if either of these models is better about the infamous 'lens error' (though I will of course not open it in my bag on purpose or anything).

In addition I haven't done any real comparison against any other brand, so if someone can point me to a $200-250 camera that takes MPEG-4 and is small and has about 300 still pict battery life I would like to compare. Mainly though I am just looking for best image quality and sound quality. Oh yeah, how does sound in movies compare? I'm sure they suck compared to a full camcorder but still want a compare, does either camera allow for an external microphone, etc.

Basically I've done enough research to complete confuse myself so I'm looking for help,

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I asked a friend who works at Radio Shack his suggestions and he said to stay away from the S770. He said Radio Shack has some kind of Quality Control test before they sell a product and it failed most every one.

He said the MPEG-4 Casio S600 and whatever the Casio MPEG-4 10MP one is are the best bets and the only Casio MPEG-4s that Radio Shack will sell.

Anyone else hear this or know anything else about this?
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Hi...just wondering if there was anymore information about problems with the S770? I was considering getting it....
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