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Hello... Nice to meet you all... I am going to buy a camera soon... First, I choosed Casio EX-Z120.. but then I saw Casio EX-Z750, EX-Z120 have Anti-Shake but EX-Z750 no... Well... I don't really know much about camera... I wonder which camera should I buy... or maybe other brand? Thank you.
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The Z120 is a bargain. Some people prefer AA batteries and others proprietary lithium. The lithium battery in the Z750 will fill a 1 Gig card with power left over, so there isn't really need for a spare. The Z120 is a little bulkier and heavier because of the batteries.

I think both cameras have the same lens and sensor so the photo quality should be similar. With the 750Z you get a larger LCD, charging and download stand and proprietary lithium battery. You have to use the stand on the Z750 to display your photos on a TV, which is inconvenient. Overall I like the stand though.

My old eyes like the larger LCD for settings. The LCD on the Z120 is not only smaller but lower resolution in pixels.

There are a lot of other interesting small cameras. But there aren't any pocket cameras as small as those two that have manual exposures and focus if you want to use them. They also have optical viewfinders where many small cameras don't anymore. They also have the best control setup I've seen.

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Looks like Ex-750 is better than Ex-120... I thought Ex-120 with Anti-Shake is better than Ex-750... Thanks for your reply.
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both cameras are excellent, these casios are almost only choice for people looking for some manual control in small camera..image quality should be very similar between both cameras..choose on the following criteria that meets your needs better

size of camera

type of battery

method of memory transfer

..oh and the cost.

I decided on the z120 due to the cheaper cost ($200 less, but also need to buy recharchable batteries) and I reasoned that all digi-cams will be replaced by better ones in a year or so. AA batteries for traveling off beaten path.Also I was a bit uncertain of the reliability of the z750 (lens error and LCD).Although I think it is fineif care is taken,plusa goodwarrantyshould look after you(I am travelling internationally though, not easy to deal with problem overseas).

Also consider:

There is a new version of z750 to be released in a few months Z850...

the Z750 can take much longer movies on the same size card than z120, but might be some issues with sound and editing...

casio anti-shake seems to be useless for most people -high noise in pictures

the lenses are different ..probably similar in quality though

2" LCD might be more robust (z120)

..thats all i can think of right now

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Old Jan 23, 2006, 12:41 AM   #5
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I see... I know that Z-750 have problems with lens and LCD... I can't wait for Z-850 because I want to buy it before my father's birthday... I am still thinking right now... Choose Casio or other brands... If there are other good camera, please tell me... I think price isn't problem... I want a good camera... Thanks for you reply.
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