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kteruya Feb 15, 2006 11:55 PM

I'm looking for a camera with good quality pictures and some manual controls.

I know that Z120 have many features but Sony's W5 images seems to be sharper (and it is getting quite cheap cause W30 and w50 announce.)

Here in Brazil the price are:

Casio EX-Z120: R$ 700 ~ 325 USD ~ 187,7 pounds

Sony DSC-W5: R$ 580 ~ 270 USD ~ 155,5 pounds

Almost 55 dolars of difference!!!

I would be glad to see some opinions before my acquisition.

ps.: sorry about the post at casio section

slipe Feb 16, 2006 1:10 AM

I you don't tend to crop a lot or make large prints I doubt you will see much difference. They are both good cameras with excellent lenses.

kassandro Feb 16, 2006 2:53 AM

The Casio Z120 is one of the best but certainly the cheapest digicam with the very popular Sony 7 MP CCD. It seems virtually impossible to me that the Sony DSC-W5 with its 5 MP CCD could come close to the Z120 as far as image quality is concerned. Having said that the Z120 seems to be somewhat too expensive over there in Brasil. Here in Europe the best price for the Sony is 189€ and 209€ for the Casio. In my mind the Casio is worth the 10% higher price. The Sony camera seems to be quite good as well. However, it uses the proprietary memory stick, while the Casio uses the cheaper and more standard SD cards. Thus in the long run the Casio is cheaper, because you can reuse your memory cards when you buy a new camera. With the very competitive Sony DSC-W5 Sony wants to lure people into memory sticks. Later when they have quite a few memory sticks they will probably favor again a camera with a memory stick, which then again must be a Sony. I simply don't like this kind of brand loyalty.

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