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sapphire Sep 6, 2006 4:49 AM

Hey everyone. I just bought a Casio Exilim EX-S600 a few days ago. I love everything about the camera except for the lens. I have messed with the cam for hours on end, taking shots at all different angles and distances, but cannot seem to compensate for the barrel distortion I am encountering. These forums seem great, so hopefully you guys will be able to help!

I like taking arm length photos and closeups and whatnot. "Portraits" are big - as in there will be a lot of pictures of people, and people tend to be sensitive about having their faces distorted. My goal was to get an ultracompact that fits into a pocket (not just a purse - a pocket) that has decent image quality, so I could catch great photos of my friends and I, but also take decent photos of myself or other people just in general.

The barrel distortion packs on so many extra pounds I can't tell you. Plus, it just elongates my face. I might post some pics up here for reference. Will this kind of lens (I think it might be a wide angle?) be a problem in all ultra compacts, or is there a better compact camera out there? While I love this camera, the distortion is driving me up the wall - I'll compensate on size if it means the distortion will be lessened.

Any suggestions for how to improve the distortion, besides zooming in or stepping back? If not, I'm open to suggestions to other cameras with less barrel distortion. Minimal lens distortion and small size are a must! I don't care much about manual features.

KALEL33 Sep 9, 2006 8:39 PM

It's a common problem in all ultracompacts. It's the physics of the lens. Now some of them do a much better job of not producing the barrel distortion or pin cushioning. The Canon Elphs do a pretty decent job, but I do not know how they fair against all the other ultracompacts.

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