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looking to spend around $400. i picked these so far? anyone have any suggestions:???? looking at the sample pics the canon looks the best so far i think. please help and give some feedback. if you have any other cameras around this price that i missed that are pretty small in size please mention them.
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From that Casio I wouldn't expect anything else than lot of noise, they've crammed so much megapixels to small sensor.
Nikon 7900 isn't anymore ultracompact if you want camera which fits to smaller pockets.
Also for low light stationary targets Canon's stabilization helps considerably.

But what kind features you would need from camera and what wuold be primary targets?
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Thanks for the info e.t but im not looking for a really great camera (my dad has an slr that i rob when i want to take serious pics) i need something that will take good pics when im out with my friends and want to snap some pics or a camera i can bring with me while im snowboarding or kayaking. primary targerts would be people not really objects. i've heard a lot of good thigns about the canon and i am leaning that way so far.
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From the reviews so far I have been extremely disappointed at the noise levels from the SD700 considering Canon is advertising improved high ISO noise levels for it. I have also been surprised at the decent noise levels on the Z1000. It isn't a high ISO camera by any means, but the noise is a lot better than expected.

The SD700 is probably the better camera with OIS and 4X zoom. It also has an optical viewfinder which is handy in many situations. It has a weaker flash than the SD550 but it is stronger than the Z1000. But the lens isn't great for corner sharpness and vignetting and it is bulky compared to the Casio.

If you really intend taking the camera kayaking and don't need really high resolution I would look at one of the waterproof models. You might look at the Olympus W10. Steve put it on his best cameras list so it must be decent.

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