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Hi there

I am after upgrading my digi cam and love the look of the Exilim range, I am a basic user who never goes off the "Easy" switch. I like the look of the "Best Shot" stuff on Exilim though and think I will use this.

...so I have been looking around and here in the UK I can get a Exilim Z500 for £170, or the new Z600 for £205.

Which should I get, obviously it will probabaly be the Z600 as its new and has 1MP more etc etc, but for the proce difference is it worth it?

...also what are the other differences between the Z500 and Z500 apart from the %MP and ^MP difference?

hope you can help
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They claim the LCD is three times brighter on the Z600 than the Z500. That could be a factor with no optical viewfinder. The ability to take 3 flash shots in a second could be good if that is at full power and resolution. Their anti-shake for movies is pretty good but still useless for still images. They also claim a quicker startup and shutter.
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A guy in denmark has just brought z600 on another forum, take a look at some samples he done.


Would as look at the s600 as well, its a bit more.£214-£222 its basically has similar specs as the z600, but has mpeg 4 video, smaller, great point and shoot.
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Old Mar 2, 2006, 4:11 PM   #4
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thanks for the replies.

I looked at the S600, but wanted the bigger LCD on the z600, looking at the specs off the exilim site, they are virtually the same size, the:

Z is 88.5 x 57 x 20.5 mm, 112g (excluding battery and accessories), compared to the
S is 90 x 59 x 16,1 mm, 115g (excluding battery and accessories)

so I thought for the tiny difference in size I would prefer the bigger LCD - (Why do they manufacture nearly exact cameras for sale, ie the S600 and Z600???)

I am presuming that it is at full resolution for the rapid flash.

I went and ordered it, as couldnt find much info (ps thanks for the link), I decided to get a 3 year extension to the warranty to it as well, he says it covers all, including accidental damage to the LCD, total was £240 delivered, what do you think, this is compared to the £170 (without warranty) for the Z500.

I read somewhere that although the Z500 was a decent camera, the Z600 is what the Z500 should have been?
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Old Mar 5, 2006, 1:33 PM   #5
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Well I a got it!!

I orderd from Jessops phone order line at 7pm on the Thurs nd it came on the Fri!! I didnt even pay for next day posyage, just got it free!!

I also decided to ge their extra warranty to stretch it to 3 years, however when I emailed Casio they said that Exilims have a 2 year manufacturers warranty on anyway, so going to phone Jessops tomorrow and find out if this makes it 4 years I have now or not.

It includes accidental damage which I thought I may need on it, and it was £35 extra on top - any comments on this Jessops extra warranty please?

I was then shopping and bought a leather Casio Exilim "EXZ-CASE1" from Jessops store, for £15, its a nice case, so am fully "camm'ed" up now!!

anyone want to know anything about it?

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Old Mar 14, 2006, 8:23 PM   #6
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hi there loc-man,

I'm going to take you up on the offer and ask you about the z600. I am considering getting it, but find very little info and no samples.

How do you like the camera so far? What's the picture quality? I am particularly interested in how well it works indoors indim light, and to see how far and well the flash does. I have seen other cameras where the a person that's a little farther away isn't lighted well, and the background is just really dark. how does this camera compare?

also, have you found out anything about the video? what's the longest it can film (on a 1gb card), if you use the lowest quality?

Thanks for the any info!
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