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Purchased the Z750. Love the camera, good pics, GREAT VIDEO, but the flash is so darn weak. Trying to get a 'flash fill' on oudoor shots, people in foreground, scenery (beach, outdoors) in background is virtually impossible unless you are on top of the subject. The flash just does not fill up the faces. Passed on the SD500 due to its lack of manual controls, but the sd550 seems to have added them. Is anyone familiar with the flash on the sd550 or the sd500, I assume them to be similar. Considering exchanging the casio for the sd550, but the only real upgrade I"m looking for is the flash. Also, do you really only get 8 minutes of video on a 1gb card on the canon (assume 640x480x30fps). The casio (mpeg4) is good for about 1 hour on that size card! Help soon, I have til sunday to make the exchange!
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Have you tried increasing the flash to +2? The flash isn't really weak on the Z750, it just doesn't put out much fill flash. Same indoors if there is very bright light in the room to fool the camera into switching to fill flash.

Try taking some pictures in very dark conditions and you will see that the flash isn't bad at all. You can use spot metering indoors if there is bright light in the scene, but outdoors it just tones down too much. The flash power is actually there – it just doesn't use it. You can get decent fill flash results if you boost the flash.

It isn't as strong as the SD500/550 though. I don't think any pocket camera is.

You are comparing apples and oranges with the movies. At best quality the SD500/550 gives about 8 minutes and the Z750 about 32 minutes with a 1 Gig card. You have evidently lowered the quality on the movies to get an hour. At that lower quality you would likely get 16 minutes on the Canon.

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thanks slipe. Here is a sample pic I was talking about. I had the flash on. I'm not sure that +2 on the flash woudl help that much, or that the canon would give me a better fill either. I did change the flash intensitiy on a few pics, but am still trying to decipher which ones had the setting w/o going back to the camera.
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none of these ultracompacts flashes are much to write home about. canon does sell an add-on slave specifically for powershots. here's a link but it's available elsewhere.

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There are slave flashes on www.ebay.com beginning at $19.95.

Sarah Joyce
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