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pedrofa Aug 4, 2006 5:27 PM


I would like to buy one of this 3 cameras but I don't know wich one is better

I would like a camera with good pictures quality and good video quality

I heard that the S600 is the best one for videos, but I don't know about pictures quality

Please help me

Also did anyone have any video rcorded with the new firmware fot the Z850?

Thanks so much


aspire Aug 4, 2006 8:23 PM

i dont of the s600 is the best...sounds unlikely...anyways if you want both good pics and good video..then go for the z850

pedrofa Aug 5, 2006 3:55 AM


YEs I just heard that the 850 is not so good in video, this is why I was doubting, any idea?

Thanks again

aspire Aug 5, 2006 12:07 PM

well they have just released the new fermware update for it which makes the HQ video mode better... if you still dont trust the 850 then go for the 750 as i havent heard any problems with it;s videos yet

slipe Aug 5, 2006 2:59 PM

There is a link to some comparison movies you can download and a good discussion of them here:

Simon, who did the review at dpreview, feels the 8Mp sensor on the Z850 isn't quite as good as the 7Mp on the Z750. The Z850 movies will never be quite as good as the Z750 for that reason.

But with the improvements with the new firmware I would say the Z850 is the better choice. It has some great features not available on the Z750. It has a great burst mode where the Z750 doesn't have one. It will take 3 full resolution flash shots in a second and the flash is a lot stronger. It has a movie light and the LCD is brighter. And it has the same digital stabilization for movies that the S600 has, which is lacking on the Z750. The digital stabilization is poor for still photos, but it evidently works well with movies.

The Z750 and Z850 are both much more feature rich cameras than the S600. They have an excellent control setup and an optical viewfinder. If you just want a small movie camera and don't care about still photos much you might look at the hybrid forum. None of the Casios can use optical zoom during filming and digital zoom is terrible.

If you decide to go with the Z750 I recommend you get the gray model to make sure you avoid some of the problems with the early models. I think the gray model looks better anyway. The lens errors and lens retraction pressing on the LCD were fixed before the gray model was released, so you wouldn't experience those problems. The Z850 should be reliable.

pedrofa Aug 5, 2006 4:33 PM

Thank you very much

Icant download the videos , could you post it in you send it again please.?

Thanks again


slipe Aug 6, 2006 2:30 AM

I linked a thread on dpreview where someone had posted videos on YouSendIt. Evidently the site has a download limit.

If I wanted the videos I would post on that thread and ask if the person could post it again because the download limit was reached. You can do what you like.

pedrofa Aug 7, 2006 3:23 PM

Thank you very much

Yes please I would love to see the videos

Thanks again


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