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song.exe Sep 14, 2006 8:11 PM

I'm looking for a cheap point-and-shoot camera that is small and easy to carry around (basically, an good entry-level small camera). It should be under 350 USD (I'm in Canada though, where cameras like the Fuji F30 cost 450+ CAD; I'm near the US/Canadian border, so if any B&M stores are offering good prices, by all means, say so). Previously, I owned the Canon A510, which suited me well, however there were a few things about it that I did not like:

a) Size - It felt much too big and heavy for something that needed to be pocketable
b) Batteries - I may be in the minority for this, but I acutally prefer NOT having 4 X AA batteries as they add a lot of extra weight and size
c) LCD screen was small, and hard to see in moderately high amounts of light

Also, there are some basic things that I'm looking for in a camera. In no particular order...

a) 4 mp + (pretty much any new camera fits this already)
b) Minimum 3X Optical Zoom (most cameras fit this too)
c) 2.0" + LCD Screen (2.5" prefered)
d) Long Battery Life (350+ shots per charge is prefered)
e) Included (but probably proprietary) battery with included charger (a must)
f) Optical Viewfinder
g) USB Connection to a computer (almost a must - I hate having to lug around a dock in order to download pictures)

Based on what I've seen, the only camera that fits the bill for these specs are the Sony W-series (specifically the W50).

Does anyone a) have an opinion on this camera, or b) have a suggestion for another similarly priced/featured camera?

Thanks for reading!

kenbalbari Sep 15, 2006 3:46 AM

The Sony S600 is close, but uses 2 AA batteries:

If you can do without the optical viewfinder, I'd suggest the Fuji F20. The Panasonic FX01 is another good one that only lacks the viewfinder.

Otherwise, I think the Casio Z850 has all of those features, and
is a popular ultracompact.

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