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glent Feb 5, 2008 4:16 PM

The long put off moment has arrived. IHAVE to purchase a digital camera. I have been scared offsearching for one, by the sight of the vast selection i see on display whenever i visit my local shops to purchase film,....yes i said FILM :sad:

To prepare myself for the suspected daunting task, i have spent many,many hours/days on the net learning about this digital phenenom. If nothing else,all this education has given me a new means of boring my family. Sadly, for all the reading, I am still nowhere near being able to select a camera.

The reason ? The choice, its still huge, despite my attempts to narrow it down.My requirements for a digicam :-

Zoom lens. 3x has to be 28mm wide end.

Sensor 1/1.18

No more than 8mp

Woluld have preferred 2/3 sensor but they are almost limited to those ridiculous super zooms.Why?

The majority of digicam zooms appear to range from 35mm to 40mm at the wide end, and i'm looking for a 28mm.Now that, you would think, would narrow the selection down drastically. Well, yes it has. I have trawled through endless web pages checking the details of 99% of available and unavailable cameras, eventually settling on a handful of Ricoh's. Then i read the previews!!!!!!!!! All of them 1/1.8 and 8mp or under, and all castigated for poor resolution. So here i am back where i started!

I HAVE QUESTIONS ! Finding sensor size information has at times been very difficult,which was very time consuming as i tried to weed out the 2.5 sensors.Why do all manufacturers appear to hide this important factor.They dont seem to hold back on pixel counts. I would have liked to have found sensor info on the main page not buried in the spec sheet.

Almost forgot to mention that i was also looking for a weatherproof camera like the bomb proof Ricoh Caplio 500g.It has to withstand a trip in a rowing boat... across the Atlantic. Now this camera was slated for poor resolution at ISO400upwards. Looking at the supplied onscreen images leaves me seriously confused. Enlargedsections are displayed to show the deteriorating image with increase of ISO. But why show those seriously enlarged portions when in reality we will very likely never view the whole image at that enlargement, whatever it is ?

There are endless reports onimage detioration with the introduction of 12mp digicams. I get the impression thattests aredone on electronic equipment,which makes me wonder if this noise problem is going to be that unacceptable on print. Are the technicians being overly fussy in thier search for perfection.

Am i correct in thinking that a 1/1.8 sensor WIll give better resolution than 2.5, as long as i hold back on the mp's , say 6- 8. Can anyone help save my sanity by pointing me towards a digicam to my spec., that will allow me to produce good A4 prints.... err, maybe A3 at a push ! ?. Surely there is some digicam out there that has low noise at 400asa.

Have taken a look at the search option, but i find that its not very specific.

AndyfromVA Feb 5, 2008 7:24 PM

Here are some smaller cameras with image sensors that are larger than 1/2.0

Fuji F50fd (1/1.6), Fuji F40fd (1/1.6), Canon A650 (1/1.7), Canon G9 (1/1.7), Canon SD950 (1/1.7), Nikon S700 (1/1.7)

glent Feb 5, 2008 7:30 PM

thanks Andy, am on the case

glent Feb 5, 2008 8:25 PM

AndyfromVA wrote:

Here are some smaller cameras with image sensors that are larger than 1/2.0

Fuji F50fd (1/1.6), Fuji F40fd (1/1.6), Canon A650 (1/1.7), Canon G9 (1/1.7), Canon SD950 (1/1.7), Nikon S700 (1/1.7)
my initial conclusions F50,A650,G9 all 12mp's therefore as expected, noisy.

S700,SD950,F40 not wide enough BUT results on F40 superb especially the video !!

Am avoiding 12mp's and searching for 28mm zoom. Thanks for your suggestions Andy

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