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grgr Aug 10, 2004 9:02 PM

Hi Steve!

I have a film camera (a Canon EOS300) and i am very pleased with it´s photo quality.

Yet i am very interessed in the digi-cam´s world (i like the multimedia of it).

For that reason , i have been observing the digital cameras for a while, waiting for the one that perfectly suites me: i wanta camera with an outstanding photo quality (no CA, no BD, andvery litle noise), with a good zoom (6x or plus) and robust.

In other words, and don´t want to loose in photo quality and i want to gain in functionality and compacteness (so i rather prefer a non SLR digi-cam).

Do you know any camera that fulfil my desiers or i just have to keep on waiting?

Thank you very much.

Net Sailor Aug 10, 2004 10:31 PM

You have to buy SLR to make you happy otherwise I don't think so .........

I think that 8 MegaPixel SLR-Like cameras may fit you

Minolta A2

Canon Pro 1

Nikon 8799

Sony F828

......... Any way may other members and experts gave you their opinion

Timeless-161 Aug 11, 2004 3:20 AM

I am not an expert as i am also looking at getting my first digicam, but i am going through similar thought processes.

As a user of a Nikon F90X is am also used to the quality, adaptability and responsiveness of an SLR set up. I have therefore been looking at the Nikon D70 as a possible camera.The bodyis lighter than my F90X but there is only one lens on the market that would be a direct replacement of my current 28-200 lens. I have not heard enough about the quality of that Sigma lens (18-130mm) to be able to judge whether it would detract from the quality of the body. If i went with the 18-70 kit lens, i would also need to carry my current lens to give me the 28-200 that i currently have (actually, it would give me 28-105 and 42-300). Hence, more weight and bulk.

Even with just one lens, SLRs are sometimes just too big and bulky. Most of my photography is travel photography and it is easier to be invisible in a crowd if the camera does not make you look like a pro. Therefore the trade off seems to be a question of whether the slightly lower picture qualityof a 8mp prosumer camera will be outweighed by the fact that i am more likely to have the camera with me in the first place.

Of the 8mp cameras, i have narrowed my choice down to the Konica Minolta A2. The main reason was the manual zoom ring as i do not fancy trying to zoom in and out with a motor zoom button while simultaneously holding down the AEL button, or some other similar function. The A2 does feel like a small SLR and the only other decision i have to make is whether i can live with an electronic viewfinder (the A2 seems to have the best around) and whether the shutter lag is material. I spent 30 minutes playing with one in a shop yesterday and it did feel fast, but i think i would to take it away and try it in the field to be sure.

The size and weight of the A2 is appealing. The disadvantage is that noise is reportedly noticeable at 200 ISO and above. As most of my colour film shooting is with 100 ISO film, i think that i could live with this (plus the A2 can gain up to 3 stops with its anti-shake feature).

Another thought that i am having is whether to get the A2 now and then in a couple of years get a dSLR. The technologyseems to bemoving on at such a pace that I would not be surprised if in 2 years' time there are £1000 dSLRs with a full size sensor and mechanical dust removal and all sorts of other features.

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