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Default Choosing P&S camera for 10-year old's trip

My 10-year old daughter is taking a trip to western Canada this summer and I want to equip her with a decent compact-ish point-and-shoot camera. I would like to stay under $300 and preferably closer to $200. I'd like to have a few choices so I can take her to a store and let her handle them to see which she prefers. So, I'm not exactly looking for THE camera, but rather some good possibilities.

I think she'll need something that takes great outdoor, landscape shots. A powerful zoom would also be great. Being a kid, I'm sure she'll be taking plenty of candid snaps as well, in all kinds of conditions. Movie mode would be nice, HD a bonus. We are a linux family and generally can't handle funky proprietary video/audio codecs.

After reviewing some of the reviews and searching the forums here on Steve's, I have some picks to explore more:
  • Panasonic Lumix ZR & ZS series--these all seem to be rather similar
  • Samsung HZ15W
  • Canon PowerShot SD1400IS or SX200 IS (the latter priced under $300 depending on color, lol)

Are there any others I should consider, or do you see any problems with the ones I've listed? Is there anything else I haven't thought of?

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Welcome to the Forum. Besides teach digital cameras for our local Community College, I also have run a Digital Cameras Summer Enrichment Program for Youth. We are in our third year now and we usually introduce around 200 young people to digital cameras each year. For what it might be worth, the 2 most popular cameras for our 2009 season, we begin the 2010 season when the school term finishes, were the Canon SD-1200 and the Kodak Z-915.

The Kodak's 10X optical zoom was very popular with a lot of the young people last year and it may indeed be very useful to your daughter in capturing the many scenes of Western Canada.

Sarah Joyce
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