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I'm collecting epinions on the Fuji s5600/5200. Now I want to ask is if is it possible to use a circular polarizer filter on it... The camera says it is... but will I have results as on a slr?


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Yes, you can use a circular polariser on S5600. It's lens is threaded for 55mm filters. You can also use a liniar polariser on this camera, which gives a slightly more pronounced effect and is a bit cheaper. The final results will be similar to what you get on an SLR, although it's more difficult to see the effect of a polariser with an EVF of S5600 before you take a pic.

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Circular polarizers have a linear polarizer as a first stage. Once it has filtered out polarized light from polarized sections of sky or reflections the following stages don't put it back. Filter makers say the effect is the same and it logically should be.

Some people report a stronger effect with a linear polarizer, but I suspect that reflects a quality difference between two polarizers and not an inherent difference in effect between circular and linear polarizers.

You can use either on your camera. Unless you plan to upgrade to a DSLR a linear polarizer is the better choice because you have no need for the quarter wave plate and there is no reason to pay extra for it. If you already have a circular polarizer you can adapt to your camera there is no reason to buy a linear polarizer though.

I agree with algold that it is hard to fine tune the effect with your EVF. I like to wear polarized sunglasses. You can tilt your head until you get the maximum polarization and set the mark on the polarizer at the same angle. Polarized sunglasses are all polarized the same way to block reflections and the mark on most polarizers is set the same way.

If the polarizer doesn't have an orientation mark it is easy enough to put one on. Hold the filter out in front of you wearing polarized glasses with the glasses level. Turn the filter until it is the darkest. Put the marks at 3 and 9 o'clock. You will find that if you don't have time to mess with it you will do well with the mark in the vertical position on your camera in most cases.

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