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Lesajoo Aug 26, 2011 10:49 PM

classroom camera needed
For 2 years, I've used a Nikon L6 camera to take photos of 4 year olds. Because the flash is broken, it has taught me how you can take fantastic photos without flash, except when they're doing active movement activities. Most all of my pictures turn out great whether I take the photo inside while a child is making a tower of blocks or outside on the playground. I have 600 great ones from last school year. But I do need a flash for some, so want to get a new camera. I also don't want to spend much more than $160 so that if the camera falls off the desk or on the playground, I won't cry. I bring my Minolta Z1 some times, and I'll have use of my sons Nikon 8100 for a few weeks to try, but it's more than what I really want to spend. Zoom is not important. Another great thing on L6 - I used lithium batteries and only changed them once during the school year. My son recently got back from Italy senior trip, and I got many pictures from many students. Both his camera and the Canon 2200 took the best photos - great color and clarity. I like the price of the 2200, but no HD video...

tacticdesigns Aug 27, 2011 9:19 AM

Hello Lesajoo,

As soon as you say "so that if the camera falls off the desk or on the playground", I think of the waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof cameras like the Olympus TG310 or Fujifilm XP20 which, on sale, is in and around $170-180. [Not sure if you were aware of that category.]

These are limited on zoom, but you say this isn't important to you.

My buddy has the old Olympus 850SW, which I was the one that pointed this camera out to him. Its his only camera and everytime we get together I play around with it and he says he's still ecstatic with it. [Actually he's coming over today and his kids are jumping into our pool so I'm sure he'll be shooting with it today.]

I've got the old Fujifilm XP10, which is my wet-weather, hack-about camera which I'm really happy with. I went and got a neoprene [EDIT: Not neoprene. It's rubber. I was half asleep when typing this.] form fitting jacket for it, so it is even more resilient to dropping. Because its so durable, I let my 3 year old shoot pictures with this thing without worrying too much.

Not sure what other cameras you are looking at, but from the sound of what you're using it for, these would be 2 cameras to add to your list.

NOTE: Panasonic makes a waterproof camera as well, and according to what I've read, its really good. And Nikon has just released their waterproof camera . . . the Nikon AW100.

Take care, Glen :)

interested_observer Aug 27, 2011 11:47 AM

How about another L6.... At $38 used and $63 new its within your budget and you already like the camera. Or - buy a couple of used for a spare....


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