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Looking for feedback on speed for autofocus, and IQ.
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I've not actually tried the Sony (I shoot Pentax and have been very happy with the weather sealing) so I can't compare the AF on both cameras. I've never found the Pentax AF a problem at all (I shoot mostly landscape, and general photography stuff. Not much sports).

As far as image quality - take a look at the sample photos posted in Steve's reviews. To me they look very similar (they are supposed to use the same sensor). The Sony offers an ISO 3200 option, while the K200 does not. Just my opinion, but I didn't like the results using it - I'd stick with ISO 1600 and below. On the other hand, some people who are shooting in low light might be happy to have it if the difference is not getting a picture at all.
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They are brothers from different fathers. You'd be hard pressed to find more similar cameras from different manufacturers.

The only quantifiable difference is the weatherproofing in the Pentax, as mtngal pointed out, and the selection of lenses. The Pentax doesn't have a lot of long lenses to choose from, but has more fast primes, and they're less expensive. But there are more used Minolta lenses (for the Sony)available than used Pentax lenses.

Six of one, half dozen of the other.

Have you tried them?
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Keep in mind that both the A-200 and the K200 will be a bit slow to focus, and equally so. However, if your are only going to be shooting .jpeg images, then in my opinion, the K-200 gets the nod over Sony's A-200. ISO 3200, again, in my opinion, means nothing, as IQ will be bad.

Note to TCav:

Just got back from Alaska tonight (07/26)!

Sarah Joyce
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