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ianmknight Sep 5, 2006 8:08 AM


I have been a fairly serious armature film photographer for many years (with Nikon F2's) but I need a compact digital camera for my pocket. I have had a good look at the reviews on this site and have I identified a three models that I think will best fit my requirements:

Size about 100x60x40 or so.

Must use batteries that I can buy anywhere any time (Wakeup Nikon) say AA size.

Fast start-up time.

Robust (well able to cope with life in a jacket pocket)

Have a modest zoom range say 30 to 100mm in 35 mm terms more is fine but I do like to lean towards wide angle shots.

So I have identified the following:

FujiFilm FinePix E900

Olympus SP-350

Canon PowerShot A700

Or wait for the Canon PowerShot A710 IS

Any further recommendation gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance IMK

kenbalbari Sep 5, 2006 11:18 AM


Must use batteries that I can buy anywhere any time (Wakeup Nikon) say AA size.
Actually the Nikon L series does use AA. They may be a bit more budget oriented than the models you're looking at though. They do have 2 new ones on the way though (L5 and L6).

Others that might fit are the Panasonic LZ5, the Kodak C663, and the Kodak C875 (out soon).

The only one I found with a wide screen and AA batteries was a Samsung model which got a poor review for image quality and performance.

If the wide angle is important, you might have to consider one of the models with a Li rechargeable battery, such as the Panasonic LX1 (also has a wide 16:9 CCD). Also several new Panasonics on the wasy, the LX2, FX07, and FX50. And a new Olympus model as well, the FE-200. All of these start at 28mm.

The Easyshare C663 was the widest of the others I mentioned at 34mm.

KALEL33 Sep 9, 2006 7:46 PM

I hope the L5 and L6 turn out better than the L2. It was slow and not that great pic quality, but it did use AA batteries.

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