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Hi - We just dropped our Fuji FinePix 2650 and it broke.
I was happy with it except for the battery was slow for sports action shots and
low lite places like school auditorium - snapping a shot of my kid in the middle
of a group of kids.

*Action Sports shots - soccer mom type of photos
*under $250
*anti- shake would be helpful too

I do take a lot of animal photos - moose in low light etc...
sometimes no flash is best for this so we don't scare the animals away.

Hey does Steve's have a way of searching thru all the
cameras in the $250 and under price range to then see
what's the best I can get?

We tend to be a little hard on things
so if I stay under $250 and have to replace in 2-5 years
it may not hurt so much.
Although when we dropped the Fuji it was only knee high when it hit the ground.

Thanks, CrackedCam

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One place to start would be our Best Cameras List

You'll see categories for cameras, including an Entry Level category. Cameras in this list are deemed to be a good value.

We also have a Buyers Guide created in partnership with Price Grabber that can help you locate good prices on models you consider. In addition, it lets you set filters for some of the available features, as well as price range.

I'd make sure to check out any vendor carefully using http://www.reselleratings.com (since you will see some scam artists with great prices from time to time in the price search engines). If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Make sure to read the Review Conclusion Sections (last page before the sample images in each camera's review here). That's where you'll find the most information on things like image quality indoors and outdoors, camera performance (Autofocus Speed, cycle times between photos) and more.

In low light without a flash, most non-DSLR cameras will have a very hard time. As light gets lower, you'll want a model that has a lens with larger available apertures (lower f/stop ratings), as well as higher usable ISO speeds (each time you double the ISO speed, a camera can use shutter speeds twice as fast for the same lighting and aperture).

For indoor sports without a flash, a DSLR with ISO 1600 (or even ISO 3200), using a bright lens is your best bet, and would be well outside of your budget.

Some non-DSLR models can use higher ISO speeds to help out (or use an external flash if allowed and shoot within the flash range).

I'll let other members comment on what may work better in low light within your price range.

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Buy.com has a Panasonic FZ5 for $288.
That is a nice 5MPix, 12x zoom, ImageStabilizer camera for the money.

Although for low light work a DSLR would be more appropriate but beyond your stated budget.

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Thanks for the help! JimC and jnrob,

I've been to resellerratings a lot now.

I will try to find a Panasonic
FZ5 to see in person.

My next thing to learn about will be what comes with the camera
like the SD card etc...


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