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I'm looking to buy a new cam, my priorities being the following:
-a compact cam, that fits into my pocket.
-a good movie mode, meaning no 60 second recording limit for instance, but rather the possibility to record until the card is full.

As for the pictures, well, I'm by no means a professional photographer; while I expect nice pictures in general (I'd also like a camera that can do a decent job in the dark), I'm not fussy about technical details. It'll be used for group and landscapes pictures. 3 Megapixels would be enough for me.

Now, I've read a lot of reviews in the past weeks. At 1st, I liked the Fuji f440, then the Canon SD200/SD300. But I learned about the Canon E18 problems and I don't really feel like taking the chance to go with that brand.

Do you have any recommendations? By the way, I don't want to spend more than 400 $.
Thanx in advance.
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I am too on the hunt for the same style camera. This will be my first digicam, unless you count my old 1 megapixel mavica from the 90's era.

I looked into the Canon SD-400 but they seem to be plagued with cheap LCD's that can't handle temperature change to well. So I crossed that one off the list.

That Fuji f440 looks interesting, but your limited to xD memory. I really like SD since it is cheap and widely used. Another one off the list.

From all the searching and research I came to the Pentrax Optio S5n. As for video mode your have really no limits except the resolution and size of your SD card. Which is [email protected]. I read that with a 1GB SD card you can get a 40min video. It also has a time lapse video function that I would never use but be cool to play with. The camera is small, it really fits in an altoid tin. I still haven't found a real review of it, but on the dpreview forum alot of people praise it and its pictures look great. This camera can be found right now for $300 online which leaves you an extra hundred to blow on a big SD card and a spare battery.

There is the older and cheaper model S5i but your limited to [email protected] which is alright but I'd rather pay the extra money to get thebetter video mode. And the power button is in a bad place on this model which steve covers in his review.

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