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I am so confused! :? If anyone could shed light on which compact camera might be the best, I would be most appreciative.

Per the features, the Sony P150 sounded like it would be perfect. But then I began to read about people being concerned about blurring images, excessive noise reduction, etc. in the P100 series....... I imagine that the P150 would be the same or even worse, and with so many pixels on such a small CCD......

The Minolta G600 seemed very promising, but I am concerned about the lack of an AF assist lamp for indoor lower light conditions. From Steve's review: "The G600 autofocus system suffered from the absence of a focus-assist lamp; indoor shots frequently failed to achieve focus lock."

The Casio EX-Z40 and upcoming EX-Z55 also sounded promising, but again no AF lamp. From Steve's review: "indoor shots were also well saturated but not as sharp, maybe due to a lack of a focus assist lamp for low light shooting. "

I'm a little wary of the ones with a "folded" internal optical zoom lens, like the Sony T1 or the Minolta X50. Is this justified?

Are their other good possibilties that I am just not thinking of?

Thank you so much for your help! This is a great board!
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If you like the P150 unless you have a very specific need of the extra resolution the P100 might save a bit of cash and avoid any problems the extra pixels might bring.

The complaints/rumours surrounding blurring on some shots with the P100 and W1 interest me. For that reason I'm pleased to have an earlier 5MPmodel that doesn't usually attract that particular comment. Some time I'm going to borrow one of the newer models and run off some test shots to see what its all about.

I too am wary of any extra complexity like the "folded" lens arrangement of other models....but it might actually be no problem.

If you searched on "AF Assist Lamp" I think you would find my posts on the subject...and those of others who have a strongly opposed view.

I take indoor shots often in very low light where few compactcameras would focus without AF Assist. I want them to be quick and easy on Auto settings. I accept a few shots will have folks expressions changed by the lamp but at least theirterror is captured in sharp focus :-). However the other shots that are well lit and sharp compensate for those that hit the Delete bin. A good proportion of these low light shots are of objects not people where there is no disadvantage to having the AFlamp.

If your needs match mine in the above paragraph you may well want to stick with AF Assist Lamp models.

Note the assist lamp on Sony compacts tends to be very powerful and, in my experience, sensiblyreach beyond the effective flash range. Some assist lamp equipped makes have such a poor range it is of little extrause.

Read up on it and decide what you need.


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