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I'm brand new here, but in the market for a new digital camera. I need something that is fairly compact, at least enough so that I can carry it around with me at all times without adding a new bag to lug around (something pocket size would be great!). I'll be using it as an all-around camera, with nothing specific in mind for the shots, though I suppose the majority will be indoors. My big problem with digital cameras, however, is my shaky hands. I'm only 18, but ever since I was 12 or so I've had excessively shaky hands. Whenever I try to take a picture with my father's digital, the pics always seem to come out blurry, though he has no problems. My budget is around $300, but would prefer it to be under $250.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Try the Fuji F20 or F30.

One of the best ways to combat hand shake is to use a faster shutter speed. The Fuji's can do that because they have good picture quality at higher ISO equivalents (meaning a more sensitive sensor can expose the image with less light). And they have an anti-shake mode which takes advantage of this by automatically using a higher ISO and a faster shutter speed.

Even better might be a camera with motion sensors that can automatically stabilize the sensor or lens. A good example might be the Canon SD700IS, the Sony T9 or T10, or Nikon Coolpix P4.

I'm not sure you will get that type of IS within your budget though. The Panasonics will have it at that price, but they aren't as good at higher ISO performance, which you will need anyway if you are shooting much indoors.


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