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Narcissist Aug 9, 2006 4:18 PM

Firstly, I am a serious film photographer and usually shoot medium format. My canon s50 has recently died so I'm in the market for a new compact digital.

Myfilmp&s camera is a contax T2 which is exellent in every regard, the cost and hassle of developing the film is a pain and I now use it only for b&w snapshots which I can develop myself.

My criteria:

1) Must shoot RAW

2) V fast AF,spot is fine as long as it is fast.The s50 drove mecrazy in this regard compared with my contax.

3) Fast turn on time. My contax is not too far off instant.

4) Quality lens

5) Pocketable in a large-ish pocket (eg coat) the s50 was about the right size

Fiddly menus, 'dummy' modes, sepia and other gimmiks are totally unnecessary. I do not need a huge zoom, fixed 35-105 would be fine. I'm not bothered on pixel count as long as the noise at iso 400 is decent. Is there a compact digital out there that satisfies this?

slipe Aug 9, 2006 4:49 PM

Other than the S70 I'm not sure what is out there. And that is hard to find at a decent price. The S80 dropped raw I think.

The Fuji E900 is the next size up and might be a little large for you with the handgrip. Another step up in size and weight is the Canon G6. Raw is tough to find in a pocket camera. The Sony V3 had raw but is also hard to find new at a decent price. I think all of those are pretty fast.

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