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I'm going to a buy a digital-camera, I have some specs I want it to have. What camera does have this specs ?

*Size: compact, pocket size, (like minolta dimage G-600)
*Metering: Evaluative-matrix and Center Weighted and Spot
*Autofocus and manual focus
*Focus assist lamp or IR.
*I should be able to choose different focus points
*I should be able to manually choose apperture
*I should be able to manually choose shutter speed
*I should be able to manually choose ISO-settings
*I want good macro capabilities
*Video with sound
*Should be able to save in RAW, or at least TIFF
*3 or more Megapixels
*3 or more optical zoom
*A plus if I can use different "filters" on the lens.
*It should take good pictures offcourse, and be good in night shots.
* The camera should also have like a "fix focus selection" so I can take a picture very fast, of fast moving objects and also in dim light...Almost all cameras have problems focusing in dim light. So a fix focus mode would be great. I should be able to just pick the camera up, put it on and take a pic very fast.

If the camera have AA-batteries thats a plus, also if it have SD-card.

One more thing, I read somewhere on the net that some cameras have a special function, Dont know the name of it, but I will try to explain. You set the camera in a special mode - then when you use an external flash thats not connected to camera and you "Flash" it, then the camera automatically takes a picture...Whats the name of that function???

Thanks for any help you can give me. I been searching and reading reviews for months now, and I still dont know or have found a camera that I want.
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There is nothing I know of that exactly fits your requirements. You are asking for a lot in a small package. Little cameras have fully retracting lenses so filters are a hassle if you can use them at all. You don't need the UV filter to protect the lens. Variable neutral density and a polarizer are about the only ones I find appropriate for a small digital anyway. Many have filter effects built in and you can get anything you want in post processing.

The Canon S60/70 are a little bigger. They have raw mode but aren't real fast on cycle time or shutter. They have a focus assist light but have problems at telephoto focusing in limited light. I prefer a zoom that starts at 28mm, but some people prefer the reach on the other end. Movies aren't great with only 10fps at 640 X 480. Macro is average.

The Olympus C7000 is also a little larger than the G600 but has a 5X zoom and raw mode. It is a fairly quick camera. It also has a little trouble focusing in low light at full zoom. Raw mode cycle times are poor. Too bad they didn't keep the great buffer from the C60. Excellent movies but they take a lot of memory space. Great macros.

I like raw mode, but find I don't use it much in cameras that don't have good buffers for raw. There aren't very many, and the few that have an effective raw buffer are large cameras. I find TIFF to be an absolutely useless shooting mode. It doesn't have the advantages of raw and take too much space and waiting for the next shot is like watching the grass grow. An exception was the Olympus C60 that could actually buffer TIFFs, but it is about the same size as the C7000 and only 3X zoom. It is a very quick little camera and might be worth looking at if you really want to shoot in TIFF.

I defy anyone to see the difference between a JPG from a camera that uses a true SHQ quality and a TIFF. My little Casio Z750 takes an average 4.5Mb JPGs and they are artifact free. Someone pointed out once that you could take a SHQ image and resave it 20 times at Photoshop quality 12 and not pick up artifacts. I actually tried it, making sure to close the image and open the saved copy each time. I still couldn't see artifacts. I still save as PSD or TIFF from Photoshop, but SHQ JPGs are excellent.

The Z750 fills all of your requirements except for macro and raw. Macro mode is only good to 10cm, which isn't up to the super macro mode on many cameras. It doesn't use AAs, but nothing close to your size requirements do – including cameras already mentioned. The battery will fill a 1Gb card with power left over. I have no intention of getting a spare for mine.

There are many flash units that work the other way round. They are triggered by the camera's flash. I don't know of a camera that fires when a remote flash does. There is no way the remote flash could light the photo in that case. Strobes go in thousandths of a second, and there is no camera made that could react fast enough to capture the strobe on the subject. So the strobe would just be acting as a remote and not contributing to the light in the photo. Better to just get a camera with a remote IMO.

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See if this can narrow down your search:


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Thanks for the answers, its to bad I cant find a camera that suits my needs. Found 1 though, the Olympus Camedia C-765, 10x Zoom, EVF, manual settings, very small camera. But it cant save in RAW, it doesnt have IS nor any AF-assist-lamp/ir. I really cant understand why they dont just put in AF-assist IR in all dig-cameras. Its not expensive at all, or why they dont make the ability to save in RAW. Maybe they dont want to make a small good camera, cause if they did then everyone would buy it and they wouldnt sell any other of their models...

Well, I can go up in Size to Canon A95 size. The most important things is AF-assist lamp/ir, and RAW and manually settings.

I read alot about dig-cameras and I found this out:
The Sonys have a very good system for night shots, called NightFraming and NightShot. The camera sends out a IR-grid so the camera can focus in total darkness. No other camera brand have this, wonder why?

The Panasonics have IS in almost all their cameras even the smallest and cheapest.

Olympus have small cheap cameras with very good zoom.

The Minolta have Cameras with very good macro-capabilites. Down to 2cm.

Looks to me like every camera-manufacturer is working together...They specialize in one thing and agree with what they should specialize in so one brand have something to offer that the others dont.

Wondering, does Sony have some patent on the use of AF-IR grid system?

Ah just browsed and found a good offer for a Ricoh Caplio R1, Macro down to 1cm, manually settings. But no AF-assist and No EVF :\ and it suffers of purple-fringing I heard.

*Pulling my hair*
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