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jq wrote:

Do you have any knowledge of continuous problems with Casios lcd screen not working or cracking? I have read several of these stories over last 6 mos. My son has 750, loved it, took great photos, then it stopped workingafter less than1yr and they wanted as much to fix it as he paid (almost). He looked around and didn't find one he liked better and got another for under $300. But I have been reluctant to buy one and think all who do, should have small case with lcd protection.
I think there was an initial problem with some of the lenses on the Z750 that might have caused cracked LCDs as well as lens errors. Several people reported that when the lens retracted in the review mode they got a discoloration where the lens pressed on the LCD. Some people say they got cracked LCDs when the camera couldn't have pressed against anything and some people think the lens retraction on the initial series of Z750s might have caused that.

Casio fixed both problems with the lens fairly early on in the series. You can guarantee getting one with the lens problems fixed by ordering a gray one. The gray wasn't released until after they fixed the problems. I think it is better looking anyway. I have one of the early models and it didn't come with the problem of the lens retraction putting pressure on the LCD. I've avoided the problem with the lens error but would rather not have to worry about it. A newer model of the Z750 is an advantage I don't have. I like the camera though.

As MT says many cameras are prone to lens cracking if you put it in your pocket with the LCD facing out and bump something – I cracked a Pentax LCD that way. You can also crack them if you put the camera in your pocket with something else in the pocket. The larger LCDs have exacerbated the problem. Some companies have started putting a thin layer of tempered glass over the LCD to protect them – I saw a review of one the other day.

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