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Hey, nothing wrong with the Canon A-series.

I've recommended those cams to several relatives.

Yah, I wouldn't say Lithium or AA is the deal breaker.

Ultimately, I'd buy the camera I was interested in - regardless of the battery source.

Here is a post containing photos that a friend of mine's son took at 13 years of age:


Perhaps if your interested you could post some of your daughter's photos for comments by the pro's.

It's kind of fun seeing how young people view the world through a viewfinder - and realize that they are the photographers of the future!
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On the AA battery issue....

The problem with ordinary alkaline AAs is their high internal resistance, so although the stored capacity may be high relative to Ni-MH rechargeables, their voltage may drop a lot, just temporarily for the time when actually drawing a lot of current,e.g., running motors for zooming and focusing, recharging flashguns quickly.

Also, as emergency spares when you can't use a charger, lithium 1.5V disposable (primary) AA cells are worth thinking about for cameras that take AA cells. These have very high capacity - I saw an advert for 2900mAh ones, so 2 or 4 of those in a digicam should last a long time. They are expensive, however.

Some cameras may also take primary Li or secondary rechargeable lithium-ion CR-V3 batteries, if they'll fit the compartment (physically, and with correct polarity) substituting for pairs of AAs.
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