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agiaccio May 29, 2006 7:02 AM

Ipresently own the Nikon D50 with Nikon AF-S VR 18-200mm lens which I love using very much and has always provided excellent results.

I'm now looking for a compact digicam to carry in my pocket ona daily basis to make sure I'm always ready for those unexpected daily events. So far, I've looked at the Canon SD700 IS, Panasonic TZ1 and Sony DSC-T30. Since these cameras are so small and since I like to take lots of indoor people pics (sometimes in low light), I really want something with Image Stabilization.

What would you recommend? Why ?


peripatetic May 30, 2006 3:25 AM

When faced with exactly the same issue a few weeks ago I went for the Panasonic FX01.

  1. 28mm-105mm (equivalent) f2.8-5.6 Leica lens. [/*]
  2. Image Stabiliser.[/*]
  3. Ultra-compact. [/*]
  4. Looks very cool in black.
1. So-so low light performance.

In the end the pros far outweighed the cons, and there was simply nothing else that could match the pros.

I have been using it as the main tool for my photo blog:

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