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mtbikexcski Dec 15, 2006 7:10 AM


I would like to buy a small camera for both pictures AND movies with:


2.640x480 30 fps movies

3.Image stablilzation

4. Ability to zoom should work while taking movies.

5. Prefer SD cards since I have a couple already.

6. SMALL (easy to carry around)

What I'd like to do is try taking some movies with this around the house and while riding my moutnain bike or cross country skiing (yeh - I have no idea how I'd hold it, but I'll worry about that later...).

I've read abouta fewand have seen some sample movies from the Panasonic DMC FX01 and it looks okay, but I'm not sure. The Canon Powershot A710 IS looks good too.

I've searched for sample movies from various cameras and I just don't know.

The top ones I'm thinking of are:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01
Canon PowerShot SD700 IS
Canon PowerShot SD800 IS (but probably not)

Canon PowerShot A710 IS

but would consider something else if movie mode were superior.

Any suggestions?



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