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David A Thompson Oct 11, 2014 9:47 AM

Compact for videos

As the title says I'm after a bit of advice regarding videos.

I recently bought a Samsung WB35F, predominantly because of its HD video spec. However, although the stills were acceptable, the videos were not. When shooting from a vehicle, the videos shot during the day were just about acceptable, if a little shaky. The main problem were the videos shot at night. These videos, without exception, drifted in and out of focus, (as if I was deliberately adjusting a manual lens) continuously, when the camera was set to 'Auto - Smart Movie'. On playback, these night videos, went from crisp to completely blurred, at a ratio of about 50/50. Completely unwatchable.

I was wondering whether any of you guys knew of a camera capable of taking great night videos, as well as photos obviously.

Price isn't an issue within reason, but I would like a compact for portability.

All info gratefully received.


VTphotog Oct 11, 2014 3:39 PM

The focus system of a camera is going to 'hunt' when operated from a moving platform. due to objects moving into and out of its field of view, unless you set it to manual focus and pre-focus on something at the range of interest. Additionally, the image stabilization can be overwhelmed by the vehicles motion, especially on less than smooth pavement. If you hand hold the camera, your movements can exacerbate both problems.
If your night videos are taken in an urban area, the changes in lighting are probably causing the sensitivity to try to compensate, which can result in grainy, blurred images if the sensitivity can't keep up. The sensitivity of the WB35F only goes to ISO 3200, which seems to be insufficient.
Getting what you want in a compact camera seems difficult, but the Fuji X100 series may fit your needs. The newest GoPro Hero could be what you are looking for, also.

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