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stupidgrinner Apr 19, 2006 6:35 AM

Need a smallish camera for bird watching. Shooting in bright or shadowy woodsat full zoom, hand held.Good burst mode for moving or flying birds and 'IS' to help me shoot at full zoom. Good movie mode with sound. Zoom whilst on movie would be a bonus, but I think only S2 or Kodak 850 will do that. Due to catching those fleeting shots..power on time quite important.

Is freezing whilst burst shooting common to all the following cameras, as from what I understand, it makes it more difficult to track moving objects.

Here's my short list...

Canon S2 or S3(can zoom with movie, battery life not so good)

Panasonic FZ7

Sony DSC-H1 ( dodgy burst mode???)

Kodak 850 (zoom with movie but power on time slowish)

Please excuse my basic knowledge....what do you guys suggest,

Look forward to your thoughts.

bobbyz Apr 20, 2006 11:05 AM

I started with panasonic FZ1 and also have FZ5. These little buggers can be quite good for birds. But the main problem is for flight shots you need very good auto focus and response time of any p&s is quite large compared to dSLRs. Right now I shoot with 10D and 100-400 but then it is $3000 vs $350 of my FZ5. You will be happy with FZxx series. Not sure about the movie mode

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