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Ok, so I am shopping around for a DSLR, as some of you know. THe more I research, the more I see that DSLR hasn't really caught up with film in some ways and that I might make the switch in that direction at a later time. Given that info, I'd like to invest in lenses that would work for both. So, out of the big name companies, Cannon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, Tokina and Tamrom, which have good and affordable lenses that work for both mediums?

Thank you for your time,

- Bpp
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All companies using the APS sized sensor (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, sony/minolta) have DSLR's that can accept film lenses. The film lenses can be uses on the DSLR's with the only difference being the crop factor the smaller imaging sensor imparts on the apparent focal length. So for Nikon cameras, a 24-80 lens actually appears to be a 36-120 lens on a DSLR body. Great for telephoto shooters, not so great for landscape photographers who need wide angles. You can also buy lenses designed for the digital bodies, that are optimized for the smaller sensor. Nikon denotes these lenses with "DX". These lenses can be used on film bodies, but because they are designed for the smaller sensor, they will suffer from pretty serious vingnetting if used on a film body.
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I have a collection of lenses that I use on my Pentax *istDS (Digital) and MZ50 (Film) bodies.

One of the features of the Pentax system is the compatability between exisiting film lenses and the new digital bodies.

I can even use my original Pentax lenses I bought for my Pentax KX in the 1970's on my DSLR.

I do have one new digital lens a Sigma 18-125 zoom to give me wide angle coverage as the DSLR makes all lenses act as if they have focal length 1.5 times longer than on film bodies.

Great for me as I shoot a lot of motorsport and my 300 and 400mm lenses are now longer on the DSLR.

I also meant that I did not have to buy new telephoto primes when I move to digital.

Check out the prices for a good 400mm prime lens!

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