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crazyfrog Feb 1, 2006 9:31 AM

I found an interesting service where cameras are compared according to their quality rating:
I thought it can be useful for both new beginners and professionals...
Has anyone found any other helpful sites besides the greatest steves digicams?
Are now the proffs reviews more "in" than the humble ones from users?
Share your tips and thoughts!

rinniethehun Feb 1, 2006 9:09 PM

Thanks for the thought, frog, but the site stinks. I compared an Aiptek pen cam with a Canon 20D and they both came out with an ALA rating of 100...are you kidding me? Compare a $1000 DSLR with a $75 joke and they rate exactly the same? Any site that bases their ratings strictly on user feedback cannot be trusted - it's less than useless information.

Several professional review sites contain tools for comparing cameras side by side, either comparing specs, features, or picture quality. I don't necessarily believe all of the pro reviews, but if 5 out of 5 pros rate a camera highly, I will take that over 100 users who say the camera is great.

the Hun

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