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That is the built in lens as it is not a dSLR so the lens isn't interchangeable.

I removed the photo and switched it to a link so there are not copyright issues. Please only post a photo you've taken or one that you have permission from the owner to post.

As for the extra flash, there isn't a hot shoe on this camera so you would only be using a slave flash which isn't ideal as you have to control things manually.... fine if you are experienced and you are not rushing for a shot but not great in most situations.

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Oops, my apologies, I will take note next time.

The built in lens is that big?? (once again sorry for my ignorance, rem I am graduating from a Casio Exilim)

No flash slot? Wow...
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Scrub that, this seems to be a lens adaptor but I'm not totally sure what it is.... could be a 2x TC or something. I'm just going out so can't check but hopefully someone will have some insight.
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The photo that you attached shows the Panasonic FZ-35 with an accessory wide angle lens attached. The photo I have attached, which is my photo, shows my FZ-35 with a Canon slave flash attached.

You will notice that the accessory lens is gone. The built-in flash unit on the FZ-35, a very good camera, is designed to take photos when the distance between subject and the FZ-35 is between 10 to 14 feet. That distance is called the Flash Range.

If you desire to take a photo from a distance greater than 14 feet, you would use the slave falsh that you see attached to the FZ-35 in my attached photo. The slave flash is triggered by the FZ-35's own built-in flash unit, and will provide added light that vwill allow the FZ-35 to operate with a Flash Range of 30 to 35 feet.

Like the accessory lens that you spotted, the slave flash is also an accessory and does not come with the FZ-35 camera.We have a very active group of FZ-35 users in our Panasonic P+S folder, that share photos, post tips and in general help each other a great deal. You might want to take a look there as well.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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