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bilkyb Jan 23, 2006 7:48 PM

I am looking for an upgrade to my current camera for use primarily in taking pictures of people and our pets. My current issue is that "action shots" are blurred and the shot to shot recovery is very slow ( I am currently using an Olympus D-460). I have been looking primarily at the Sony H1 but also considering the Panasonic FZ5, 20. and 30, the Canon S2IS and the Fuji, 5200. I really like the large screen on the Sony and the option of AA batteries. The bottom line is I want a large zoom with "action capabilities" (not like race car speed), and good quality. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

vwmom Jan 24, 2006 1:45 AM

The key to catching action shots.. are all in the settings of the camera.. There's a post on here someplace where they were disscussing this.. I believe it was in regards the S2.. Someone was complaining about the camera.. when in fact the same person with the same camera.. when instructed how to take the photo, did a complete change of shot! I'm not the one to instruct on this, as I'm still learning, but I'm sure someone can. :)

slipe Jan 24, 2006 7:44 AM

For your particular requirements you might also look at the Fuji S9000. It has a good zoom range and the internal noise reduction lets you use higher ISO without excessive noise. Stabilization doesn't help for subject movement but boosting the ISO does. And the wide angle lens combined with good telephoto would be good for all-round photography.

Of the stabilized cameras, the FZ20 will give you at least a third more shutter speed at zoom as the FZ5, half again as much as the S2, and nearly twice the shutter speed of the FZ30 zoomed. It is shutter speed that helps stop action. They are all nearly the same at wide with the S2 having a tiny edge there.

You seem to want a large camera with a long zoom. Probably the best non-DSLR on the market for freezing action without flash in limited light is the Fuji F10 or 11. But it is a small pocket camera with a 3X zoom.

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