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Hello all.. Thanks all for your advice with expericance with the P850.. but luckily I did NOT get the P850 after all.

I was reading on the Olympus sight that Kodak and Olympus are teaming up with a brand new revolutionary Image Sensor system. (the 4/3 system)

The prototype is a SLR but I figure soon the new technology will filter down to the"SLR Like" cameras. I have a feeling that will make all these on the market now (they all have the 2/3rds Image Sensor).. obsolete.

Maybe I have good photo angels, but I figured I would wait it out for my big fancy camera purchase...lol

I settled on the Sony Cybershot. In all it's reveiws everyone says it takes good general shots and good macros.

It was cheap..Came complete with charger and recharable batterys, leather carry case & usb and software.. Only had the memory stick to buy extra.

I just couldnt make myself spend the kind of money required for the P850 without being sure. And you cannot return Electronics unless they are defective,once you take it from the store in the Netherlands.

But the most confusing thing about it was like the other gentleman said.. I just couldnt understand that this new, more sophistated big brotherkodak, couldnt out perform my old DC3800, which in my opinion for the money was an excellant (outdoor.. good weather) camera.

I haven't learned this new camera yet.. but have taken some "ok" shots.. they seem detailed enough but something about the color isnt right.

I also got some "ok" shots from some of my glass antiques, but when I download them they are on 25%, when I make them 50% the same shot is excellant, but I have to scroll for the picture is then too big. If I can figure how to take them on my camera maybe a different size? or do I need to crop them? I have no idea..

So if anyone has any help on settings for good macros with this Sony thing.. (W15 black Cybershot) then I would appreciate it.

But thanks all.. I did heed the warnings after all.. (I couldnt find the 7590 or I would have bought that camera) But I have a feeling I will still be missing Kodak's colors..

Best to all.. and I hope to be posting some macros soon..


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I understand MT.. That's why I choose the Sony.. I seriously looked at the Cannon S2.. tried it in the store under normal light conditions, along with the P850 and still had a hard time with the focus on tiny print with both.The Cannon isalso is a verypricey camera.

But the salesman was a real piece of work & basically knew nothing over what he was selling. So I was on my own.

Went to a different shop and just saw the Sony.. I figured if I was making a mistake at least I saved almost 300.00 euro while making it..

Thanks for everything!

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