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qwertyuiop7 Jan 1, 2006 6:40 PM

Hello all,I am in desperate need of some guidance, been reading, window shopping, calling and surfing for well over a month now and all i have to show for it is a bigger list of possible camera's than i started with. Must have features. Above all else it must take good quality point and shoot photos's. I have two small children and want to be able to record them growing up, without to much fuss, out of the pocket, switch on, click --- good quality photo. Apple mac compatible, Small as possible, and light, the type you can take with you all the time. Best quality short movie capture for a sub compact point and shoot, file compression size not to important as i have a 1 g card and my laptop is never far away. So mpeg4 not essential. 3x zoom minimum and . Up to £300/$500 Short list is Sony P200, Panasonic DMC-FX9, Casio Exilim EXZ-750, Finepix F10, and just to confuse matters someone suggested the Sanyo xacti C5 or C6. (not sure about this one, good movies at the expence of the stills?) I kind of like the the look of the Panasonic being the smallest, leica lens and it files the movies as apple quicktime files. but i'm new to this game so i might completly wrong. Any comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. But again the quality of the point and shoot photos are the most important bit. Sorry to go on a bit . Happy new year to you all, Phil S .Cheshire, England sorry for how the post looks it i wouldn't let me put new paragraphs in just one big block of hard to read text,

mtclimber Jan 1, 2006 9:34 PM

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The Sony P-200 has a substantial problem with dust intrusion which eventually disables the CCD. I would scratch that one.

The Casio Z-750 and the Fuji -10 are great cameras. I personally would scratch the rest. BTW I am open to further discussion.


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