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Aperture is something to be considered as well. The Fuji F10/11/30 have better high ISO capabilities than the S5200, but at full zoom, the S5200 can maintain a F3.5 aperture. This means the lens lets in more light even though you are using more zoom. The F series listed above can only maintain a F5.0 aperture at full zoom. For many, it's not a limitation. But I would sacrifice some of the noise in high ISO modes to get the better zoom and faster aperture of the S5200 for your needs. It really is a great camera, and you can buy it at buy dig with a mail in rebate for less than $250 after rebate a shipping.
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I really don't need that much zoom 3x optical is good enough for me. I mainly use mine up close at smaller live band shows.
As long as the picture is crisp and the natural light shows through.

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A lot will depend on the quality of the stage lighting.

In some of the clubs around here, even a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D wearing a 28mm f/2 lens (twice as bright as f/2.8, where most other lenses start out on their wide end), shooting at ISO 3200, can give you blurry photos, even with anti-shake to help with the camera shake part, and it's probably about as good as it gets for low light use.

I'm considering getting a brighter lens for mine, and I have my eye on the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC lens for it.

If you've got better lighting (as in the photos you posted), you may be able to get by with one of the Fuji models mentioned.

All cameras have limitations (even more expensive DSLR models). Light is a camera's best friend.

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Thanks so much, you've all been so much help.
I guess I'm going with a fuji, although I'll probably wait until june when the f30 comes out. :G
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