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alfontso Dec 10, 2009 3:12 PM

Considering Sony A900 but worried about the Dealer
I have found the Sony A900 on line for $2699 from most dealers. Then I found $2198 from a site that claims to have full US warranty. The kits on offer seem to be great value. I don't know if I can mention the site (I won't here) but here is the bare bones offer.

Sony FREE Shipping*
Sony Alpha DSLR-A900, 24.6 MP, Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

24.6 Megapixel
Full-Frame (24x36mm) CMOS Sensor
Dust & Weather-Resistant
In-Camera Image Stabilization
3.0\" 921,600-Pixel LCD Display
ISO 100-6400
+ Show More/Collapse
Our Price: $2,198.00
Availability : In Stock
Condition : New
Show Shipping Cost
MFG Model Number : DSLRA900

My concern is that it appears too good to be true.

I need a lens for family portraits so I am considering the kit below. Advice on both aspects (Legit and lens) needed.

Sony A900 + NEW! 20-170mm Lens - 16pc Kit
FREE Flash w/This Kit

Free Shipping*
Our Price $2,648.00

JimC Dec 10, 2009 3:46 PM

What site?

When you see prices that are much lower than you find at (a reputable dealer) on Sony gear, there is usually going to be a catch. ;-)

The scammers will usually call you to confirm the order. Then, you'll also find out that they'll want to sell you high priced memory cards, batteries, extended warranties, stuff that normally comes with the camera anyway, want to include inflated shipping and insurance charges (sometimes unauthorized). Anything to increase their profit (since they can't sell the camera alone at the advertised prices without losing money).

If you don't buy enough of the outrageously priced extras, your camera will suddenly go to backorder status (of course, the web sites still show them in stock and your credit card has been charged). They'll often sell gray market gear, too (not intended for sale in the country you live in with a store versus manufacturers warranty).

You'll often seen misleading descriptions like U.S. warranty, when they mean a store warranty or third party warranty (that may not be worth the paper it's written on) versus the camera manufacturer's warranty for service in the country you live in.

This has been going on for years. It's a racket. Do yourself a favor and stick with a reputable dealer.

Make sure to check out any vendor you consider using

If they are not listed, I'd avoid them (these guys tend to start up new web sites often under a variety of names). If they have a small number of customer reviews there, I'd avoid them (they tend to try and get away with padding their own ratings with glowing reviews). Some even seem to have their own ratings sites now (with all of the stores listed being same old scammers, with the reviews unbelievably good).

Suggested Reading:
How to buy a Digital Camera without being robbed

JimC Dec 10, 2009 3:53 PM


The kit is probably junk (not worth using for a door stop) if I had to guess (designed only to increase the price so that they're up to the normal body only price before they start hitting you for extras at outrageous prices to increase their profit margin). IOW, typical bait and switch type operation.

Hards80 Dec 10, 2009 4:21 PM

i agree with jim. this smells of a scamming bait n switch. anytime you see lower than expected prices plus some kind of many piece kit, you can be assured you are in a for the run around.

peripatetic Dec 10, 2009 4:45 PM

A 20-170mm lens on an A900? Made by whom? Are you serious? Why not just put a Coke bottle on the front?

If you can't afford the A900 from a reputable dealer then drop down a level or two in camera choice and get yourself a decent lens.

TCav Dec 10, 2009 5:49 PM

Sony fixes prices. There is no way that a reputable dealer would sell you an A900 for anything less than $2,699.

StevieDgpt Dec 10, 2009 9:36 PM

Not only does Sony fix prices (as TCav stated), but the big, big boys

(such as B&H, WallyWorld, BestBuy, Newegg, Dell, Crutchfield, Amazon et al) account for about 90% of the cameras sold in this country.

Even if Sony didn't fix prices, does anybody really think a mom & pop corner camera store with a website is going to buy enough cameras to get a better price than any of the Big Boys?

I don't think so.

So how could any dinky vendor be able to undercut the price of the Big Boys? More importantly how could the vendor be able to knock 20% off the price of the Big Boys?

If it smells, it is most likely rotten.

PS: My A700 and a good chunk of my lenses came from B&H.

alfontso Dec 10, 2009 10:36 PM

Can I list the site details here so others can see?
Here is the site:

I called them up and the guy said it was a US warranty.

OK I'm waiting for the comments. I didn't buy there cos I listened to all of you...

Also it is not an issue of price for the lens. I am looking for a lens for primarily portrait, family group work. The images will be printed on an Epson 9900 44" inkjet, hence the need for 24mp. Printing to 3.5' x 5' images...

So again, advice greatly appreciated. I was using a Sony DSC F828 until now. 8mp was great 5 years ago...

Hards80 Dec 10, 2009 10:50 PM

and i quote

"11/21/09 10:27 AM
DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY, and DO NOT BELIEVE POSITIVE REVIEWS FROM THIS SITE! I came across the site when searching for a Rebel T1i (500D). They had a great price, and what seemed like good reviews. I placed the order, totalling $585, on October 19th. The item was listed as IN STOCK at the time of purchase.
The next day, I received a call from Mickey trying upsell my order for memory cards, lenses, and warranty's. When I explained I was 'out of money' he said my order would arrive soon.

I then began reading more and more negative reviews of as well as links to other fraudulent company names they have used in the past. More information can be found here: and here:

Most, if not all of their positive reviews on have been falsified or 'bought.' Through my own investigation, I also discovered that they are fraudulently using the "Secured by GoDaddy" symbol on their homepage, and I have forwarded a copy of my complaint to GoDaddy's infringement department.

Armed with this new information, I began calling PrimoCamera's on a daily basis, asking if they had the T1i in stock. Each and every time I asked, I was informed that the camera was indeed in stock, and ready to ship, and if I paid for overnight shipping, it would be at my house next business day. Then when I indicated I had an order for this camera that wasn't being shipped, they would put me on hold, and then come back saying something to the effect of "our inventory system is broken" or they are "having problems with their supplier." They finally gave me a promise that the camera would arrive at my door absolutely and positively no later than November 9th, 2009.

The evening of November 9th, no camera, my order status still said "Processing." Not once did anyone from their company attempt to contact me about why my order was taking so long, NOR did anyone respond to my emailed requests for updated shipping information. I immediately requested they cancel my order, and they did so after a day. I reported their company to Authorize.Net (their credit card processing company), as well as their domain hosting provider, and the New Jersey Attorney General.

A few days after cancellation of my order, an employee of the company attempted to mollify me and obtain positive reviews by offering a 'free high speed memory card' for the camera I eventually purchased from Amazon. From the reviews I had read, I realized it would be a no-name low speed card anyway, so I didn't bother.

To sum it up, don't waste your time with,,, or You'll only end up paying WAY more for your camera, if you can get this to ship it out at all."

peripatetic Dec 11, 2009 5:21 AM

Okay, if price is no issue to you then purchase the Carl Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 to go with it, which will serve you very well for family and group portraits.

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