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I have been going crazy dealing with the online vendors. Most are cheaters. Most false advertise. I decided to buy just the body for 649. with the accessories and then buy the lenses separately. The Sony 18-70mm costs 199.00 retailers sell for 200-240.00. In order to get a better deal I decided to get the body only w. a US warranty, and accessories for $649. then buy the lenses separately. The Minolta 18-70mm 3.5-5.6 sells for 59.00 by Amazon. What's the difference? The numbers are the same. Is Sony suddenly better that the Minolta in terms of lenses? How much better? Or is this just the big Sony wave that makes the price go high? The choices here are: 1) buy retail full package w. 18-70mm for $949-999.00, 2) buy online and feel the uncertainty for $849.00, or 3) buy online w. US warranty Body Only and accessories for $649.00, then buy the lens 18-70mm from Minolta for 59.00 and end up with the full package for $708.00, and wonder if the Minolta lens will work perfectly and get thesame picture quality. Help please. The more feedback the better. I certainly appreciate. Thanks.

John- soccerman
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That price looks too good to be true. So, it probably is.

I'd suspect a catch, as that looks like a price you'd see from one of the Brooklyn based scam artists.

What vendor?

As for the 18-70mm, I have seen some comments from users indicate that the coatings on the new Sony version are different, and that it seems to focus a little faster and quieter. I doubt that the difference is significant though.

David Kilpatrick has both lenses and posted a photo showing the differences in coatings here. Comments I've seen from him imply that the coatings on the Sony branded version of his lens are better (less light reflected by the lens).


Would I pay more for one? Nah. But, I rarely use the kit lens anyway. My usual "walk around" is the Minolta 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 with my Maxxum 5D, and I've got a Tamron SP 20-40mm f/2.7-3.5 that I use more often than the kit lens, too.

A lot of users seem to like their kit lens OK, though. Mine just hasn't seen much use.

To answer your question, the KM version of the lens should work fine with the Sony (as should any other Autofocus Lens ever made by Minolta).

Is this the best lens for you? Only you can answer that. There can be a big difference in lenses (Focal Length, brightness, sharpness wide open, sharpness stopped down, contrast, color, Autofocus Speed, Ergonomics, Size, Weight, Cost, etc.).

No one lens is perfect for all users in all conditions. Otherwise, we wouldn't have so many choices. ;-)

But, the differences between the KM and Sony versions of this particular lens are probably not significant.

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