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Sorry, im looking for what camera to buy, i found this comments very useful since i don't know much about this stuff and they are very expesive where I live (about 350 U$). I've been searching for about two weeks and this is apparently the best one for it`s price, since its 6mp, 3x optical zoom, quite big lcd, has optical zoomand most important, shots videos with sounds, i havent found another that does those three together. I really want to spend my money wisely, I worked hard to buy it.
I would really appreciate it if you could answer me some questions please:
1) what is a macro? and why is it bad that some people say the macro is not very good?
2) i saw that nikon and kodak cameras usually have lots and lots of scene modes, and this only has about 7 or 8 or so. is that enough? Well the chances of me taking pictures at fireworks are 1/365, and if, so who cares...Does it have sepia and black and white? Are they good?
3) i really love colors to be very bright, i hate those cameras where you take pictures of your friends and they all look like they haven't slept for days. There are cameras which make everyone look nice, nice skin tone, all that... is this one of them?
4) is it the red eye reduction good? i always get red eyes.
5) i would also like to know if it has that feature that you can take a picture every 4 seconds or so, repeatedly.

6) Though it has optical zoom the digital zoom is very small, but i've heard the digital zoom is ot important, cause it can be replaced with photoshop...

7) Does it have optic viewer? i think it does but just in case. If anything happens to the lcd its very useful.
8) im not a professional photographer, im just a university student who likes to go out a lot and take pictures of whatever gets in my way, is this the right camera for me? (Actually my price range is quite big for the prices in my country (Chile).
I would appreciate soooooooo much if someone could answer me, I'm going nuts searching the web .

Please reply to my mail if you can cause i will probably loose the address of this page, its sooooo long to get here!!!
[email protected]

My fotologs (I figured that it could help you understand how I would like colors to be):
http://www.fotolog.com/barbi_gabler my fotolog
http://fotolog.terra.cl/barbi_gabler my ex-fotolog

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Bye bye!!! H&K

pd: My other choices are kodak c330, kodak c340, nikon coolpix5600, nikon L3, sony dsc s60, and some canons i dont remember. I dont really trust in fujis, hp, samsung or ll the other brands... shoul I?
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