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bryman... something else to consider with the NEX-5... it has no built-in flash and no hot shoe. It uses a proprietary hot flash unit that plugs into a proprietary jack in the camera body. That's typical Sony. Proprietary everything. There is also no optional viewfinder - electronic or optical. For those reasons alone, I would personally avoid the NEX series. The camera's small size is also misleading. While your wife my like the camera body, with lenses mounted it's not so tiny.

Now... here's the truth about most of those mirrorless cameras: While the price of initial entry isn't bad with body and kit lens, when you start adding optional lenses and accessories, they're not that cheap. You would pay that same $800-$900 for a similar Olympus and Panasonic, equipped roughly the same. They are nice and compact, and I personally like them. I used to own the Olympus E-PL1 until I lost it. I have now a Panasonic G1 and three micro four-thirds lenses.

You already know my opinion of the Sony NEX cameras. I can recommend the Olympus E-PL1 heartily... but I must warn you that you will require the optional VF-2 electronic viewfinder (about $250) for outdoor work because the camera's rear LCD isn't much good at all in bright sunlight. That's why I bought a leftover Panasonic G1 (which has a built-in viewfinder) after I lost my E-PL1 along with the VF-2.

If you want the E-PL1 anyway, no problem because the camera gives great results. Olympus's jpeg engine is one of the best of the business, meaning you won't have to shoot raw very often. And, because Olympus builds its image stabilization into the body (as opposed to the lens), additional lenses generally tend to be less money than Panasonic's micro four-thirds lenses.

Otherwise, I'd advise you to check out a Panasonic G2 or GH2 - especially the GH2 which is great for video and apparently does better in low light and at higher ISOs than Panasonic's earlier G-series cameras.

You could also find another camera shop that carries the Canon T2i. I'm sure you weren't going to get the lowest price at Wolf's. I haven't owned any Canons for a while but, theoretically, the T2i should give you the best performance of all of these cameras in terms of still photos. I don't know how great its video is. Most DSLRs aren't the best with video.

Hope this helps.

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Take a look at this review (just released) before you make your final decision.


Pretty impressive.
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well ill definitely go look at the T2i and make her hold it and "play" with it. i am afraid that at times i wont want to carry the larger t2i around.......so maybe a point and shoot for the pocket will be in order......but for now ill have to get her reading some of these comments too to help decide!
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