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Old May 10, 2009, 10:17 PM   #1
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Default D-SLR Help for newbie, Nikon vs. Olympus vs. Sony vs. Canon!

Hey Guys!

Im new here and i've been a long time reader and have huge trust on this website (I bought my W50 from a review here!) and i'm in a delima. I have a choice between 4 SLR's (free) and I work at a large electronic retailer so i get a pretty substantial discount on them and accessories. I also took a bit of a lesson on SLR's and i'm impressed on how they are and I really want to start getting into the photography hobby.

I will probably be just taking pictures of my dog (white German Sheppard/husky mix) along with family and outings such as scenery and things like that.

Point is I have a choice between these 4 cameras
Olympus E-520
Sony Alpha A300
Nikon D60
Canon XSi (Avril kit if it makes a difference)
(I also happen to have a compact flash too that i'd like to use however that isn't the deal breaker)
(*NOTE: I'd like to point out the reason why i got the Sony was because it had the longest lens in its kit (18mm - 70mm) where as everyone else had the longest of about 55mm)

Anyway, i've so far used the Sony Alpha over the weekend and I love the feel of the camera. In terms of pictures i've been a long time sony camera user (W50 for almost 3 years) and i've always loved the way the turned out. I also like the way the live-view screen tilts and the easy of use of the auto-eye-focus feature (easy of use for my wife) but live-view isn't a necessity.

Friends have said that the Olympus is good (with the panorama feature) with inexpensive lens's and that the Nikon has good lens selection.

I know absolutely nothing about D-SLR's and photography in general. I'd like to stick within these options just to not confuse me more. Additionally i'd like to end up purchasing a 75-300mm lens and a wireless flash in the future so those are other reasons for my selection.

This is a hobby, and i'm not looking to make this a professional venture just to take pictures and to end up taking classes on how to use my D-SLR fully.

Any and all suggestions are HIGHLY appreciated on helping me make this choice! (I have about a week and a half from today’s date to make a final decision however!!)

Thank you in advanced!

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Old May 11, 2009, 12:56 AM   #2
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Hi and welcome! My answer will be easy. All the cameras on your list are excellent. Since you said you are new to this sport, I would give this advice:

Handle each camera and see how they feel in your hands.

Consider that, over the years, the body will be replaced more often than the lenses, on average.

Make sure that the lenses you might want now and in the future are readily available.

Special effects, like panoramas, are done more effeciently and professionally with software.

Make sure you like the viewfinder. The Sony's is a little smaller because of the way they implement live view.

The Olympus cameras have a smaller sensor than the other cameras on your list, which gives them a 2x field of view multiplier. A 50mm lens will effectively become a 100mm lens.

The Nikon D60 uses AFS lenses with built in focus motors, and all lenses, Nikon or third party must have motors in order for AF to happen with this camera.

The A300 Has the best live view out there, but there is a cost. The viewfinder is somewhat smaller than the other cameras on your list. That may or may not be important to you. The Sony uses CF cards.

People will try to sway your decision based on what they use, many times. You need to get the one that is best suited to your purpose now, and will provide expandability for future needs.

Image stabilization- In body or in lens? Which is better? Sony has in body, making all lenses stabilized. Canon and Nikon have IS and VR, respectively, built into their lenses, at an increased cost. Both companies have recently come out with IS and VR in their kit lenses, presumably to compete with Sony, Pentax and Olympus.

There are things I most likely forgot to mention, but someone else will remember, I'm sure. Just pick the one you like and start taking pictures! Robert
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Since you've tried the Sony and like it, I'd say that your decision is made, and if you pick something else, you will inevitably regret it.

With that said, Sony's 18-70 kit lens is not very good. The Canon's kit lens is much better and it's stabilized. It also has a better autofocus system that may give you better results when taking pictures of your dog as it runs. The Canon also has 'Live View', though the display isn't articulating, and Canon's implimentation of 'Live View' doesn't cramp the optical viewfinder the way that Son'y does.

But still, if you like the Sony, then it's the best camera for you.

(The Nikon D60 is less expensive, but since you don't have to pay for it, that shouldn't be a consideration, and since it doesn't have anything else going for it in this comparison, you should skip this one.)

(The Olympus E-520 is smaller and lighter than the others, which migh be handy on trips and hikes, but its selection of lenses and accessories isn't as good as the others.)
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