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Currently I am considering an upgrade from a D50...

As I write this I am aware of several dealers (US Nikon dealers) that are selling off D200's for $999.99. I am also watching the D300's prices - lowest is around $1500 - $1600.00.

Do I spring an extra ~$550.00 for better battery life, better high ISO, ADR, newer technology, white balance and focus fine tuning or do I save the cash and go for a camera that is a good upgrade from my D50 in many areas (maybe not low light/high ISO) and save some money that may be able to be used for a new lens (don't need any now), new flash unit - etc? I don't care about live view BTW - my FG-20 never had that LOL !

Will I be unhappy in one year going with the D200 as it may be "behind the times" and I'll look back and think - "I should have bought the D300"... Or will I be overwhelmed with all the crazy buttons and whistles and bells on the D300 in a matter of weeks after buying it & unhappy with what I can do with it ? Should I wait for Nikon's next release the fabled D90 - that might be available before ... well who knows ? (I also dig the weather sealing on both the 200 + 300 though along with dedicated buttons.)

I am not a pro - photography is a passionate hobby for me currently and perhaps someday I'll do a little more with it than what I do currently - or at least I'd like to...

SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has given me the "okay" for the purchase & I currently have the money... I feel like since I have the okay - I'd like to make a purchase soon as opposed to waiting for her to change her mind !

The dillema now lies between my own ears. Because of that (knowing that my mind is like a bad neighborhood - don't go in there alone!) I'm humbly asking for your suggestions/input/help.

Thanks !
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The best price I've seen for a D200 is $1,250. Where did you see one going for $999?

Edit: for spelling. [suB][/suB]
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Weather sealing is really nice if you do much landscape/hiking (I have the Pentax K20 and have been very grateful for it when wandering around in the snow). If you are going to be photographing outdoors often then definitely think D200/D300.

As far as the buttons and features go - that's a question you'll need to answer for yourself. I can see it both ways - functions, custom settings and extra features can get cause things to get out of whack easily and gives you a lot more to think about when you are taking pictures. Some people get frustrated with it all, while others love having the control, it's personal preference.

As far as the "behind the times" argument - is there something specific you want on the D300 that's not on the D200? The D200 is a proven camera that's capable of taking outstanding pictures. It will still be as capable in a year or two, regardless of being "behind the times". It's selling now at really good prices, especially considering how much people were paying for it about 6 months ago.

Good luck with your choice!
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and other places as well...


Thanks - I like the better dynamic range that the 300 offers especially in low light. I do some occasional shooting in lower lit places - churches, gymnasiums etc and being able to use ISO 1600 let alone 3200 would be really sweet for me - but therein lies my dillema ... I could buy some faster glass sooner by saving some cash or I can easily use what I have now by bumping the ISO up on the 300.

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